Pokémon Book Tag | via The Writing Hufflepuff

Long before Pokémon Go became all the rage and people started walking around even more glued to their phones and heedless of their surroundings, I discovered this Pokémon book tag on Michelle’s blog, the Writing Hufflepuff.

I enjoyed watching the Pokémon TV show and playing the games when I was younger. Last year when I couldn’t decide what to watch on Netflix while cooking, I decided to rewatch a couple of the old Pokémon episodes, which was fun and surprising because I’d forgotten much. These days, everyone’s playing Pokémon Go… except me. I’m already hooked on Sims Freeplay. I refuse to get hooked on another game, so I’ll hop in on the Pokémon fun by doing book tags instead. This will be the first of three (yea, I have time to kill). 😀

Your starter Pokémon — The first book you started your journey as a reader with.


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