Addams Family Book Tag

It’s Halloween!! 😀

I don’t celebrate the holiday, but I like it because it gives people an excuse to be silly and dress up as their favorite characters and OD on scary shit so yeeeaahhh Halloween!!

Guess what I’ll be doing?? Guess!! Guess!!

Yup! 🙂 I’ll be catching up on the Strain and might even watch some Walking Dead too. Oh! And guess what again?! Yesterday I reached

800 Subscribers

Woohoo!! 🙂

I’m plenty excited about that. I think I should do something to celebrate, like a giveaway or a Q&A or something. If you have any ideas, let me know below. In the meantime, I’ll try to brew up something.

Well, I’m actually here to do the Addams Family Book Tag, which I found on Giovanna’s blog, BookComa. It was created by booktuber Hannah Tay. I wanted to do it not only because it’s Halloween, but because I loved the Addams Family when I was a kid. They were so kooky and funny. Anyways, to tag!


Morticia Addams, the mother and a witch: What is your favorite witch book?

I’ll instead choose a book about witches that I really want to read:

Equal Rites

Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett. I’d like to start reading the Discworld series, but I’m not sure where to begin. I considered starting with Mort, the book with death personified, but decided instead to start with the witch books because I liked the synopsis of this one.


Gomez Addams is a loving father: Who is your favorite fictional dad?

I’ve got to agree with Giovanna that there are some crappy parents in literature and the fathers are always the worst, unfortunately, so this question is difficult.

The Ice Dragon

I decided to go with the father in The Ice Dragon, an illustrated children’s book by George R.R. Martin about a girl’s friendship with an ice dragon. The father, a widower, seems distant from the girl at first, but he cares for her and works hard to provide for his children.

It’s a nice, little story. The ending is kind of sad, though.


Uncle Fester Addams can generate electricity: What books makes you light up so much that you can’t stop talking about it?

Rat Queens1

I had to choose Rat Queens because I still try to wiggle it in whenever I talk about comic books. It’s the type of story I’ve always wanted and I’m glad to have in graphic form.


Wednesday Addams is obsessed with death: If you could have killed off a character in any book who would it have been?

Royal Assassin2

Regal. 😡

I. Do. Not. Like. Him.

I would kill him off in Royal Assassin, the second installment of the Farseer trilogy by Robin Hobb, so all the stupid shit he does in the third book wouldn’t happen. Actually, I would make him die within the first couple pages in this one so all the horrible things he does later wouldn’t happen.


Pugsley Addams has a vicious nature and plays nasty pranks on everyone: Who is your favorite villain?


Cersei Lannister, of course. She’s awful but I admire her.


Lurch is based on Frankenstein and a zombie: What is your favorite adaptation of a story?

I would say the Strain, but I’ve mentioned it so many times on here already that I’m sure y’all tired of reading about it. So I’ll go with


Cinder, the first book in the Lunar Chronicles series by Marissa Meyer. Cinder is a young-adult, sci-fi novel inspired by my favorite fairytale, Cinderella. The titular character is a cyborg living in a futuristic Beijing. It was such a fun read. All the books in the series seem to be inspired by a fairytale (I don’t call them retellings because the stories being told aren’t similar to the original fairytales; they just have elements of the fairytales in them): the second, Scarlett, is inspired by Little Red Riding Hood and the third, Cress, by Rapunzel.


Grandmama is an old classic witch: What is your favorite old classic horror book?

Well, I don’t read many horror novels so I don’t have an answer for this. However, I’ll instead choose a recent horror book I read and liked:

Locke & Key, Vol. 1

Locke & Key, Vol. 1: Welcome to Lovecraft by Joe Hill, illus. by Gabriel Rodriguez. This volume wasn’t scary. It’s about a family that moves to an odd house after the father died. The illustrations are great.

Show us some of your horror books.

Though Halloween will pass before I get to these, I still plan on reading these before the year ends.

I’m not sure if all of these are horror novels, but I’m convinced by the covers that they are. I’ll find out when I read them.

What are you going as for Halloween this year?

Myself. 😐

Favorite Halloween films!!!

I mentioned them in yesterday’s Creatures of the Night book tag, but in case you don’t feel like checking that out, here are a few:

Who do I tag?

Everyone who wants to do this tag!

Have fun and Happy Halloween!! 😛


19 thoughts on “Addams Family Book Tag

  1. AHHH WOW!!!! 800 followers is huge!!!! and so well deserved!!! I’m really happy for you!!! 🙂 here’s to the next 800 (and the next and the next etc etc) Also you should definitely start reading Pratchett!! Though I confess I haven’t read that one, simply cos I’ve never got hold of it- I’ve read later ones in the witches series- and love the characters though!


  2. Congrats on 800!!!😆 This is a great tag, and I love your answers. Equal Rites is a good place to start, its the 3rd in the series (tho you can read them in whatever order you want). I wouldnt necesarily say Riverkeep is horror, but it has def got some gore and creepyness. I hope you like it.


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