Comics Roundup #13: Revenge of the Green Lanterns

revenge-of-the-green-lanternsHere’s another superhero comic book my awesome co-worker introduced me to. I enjoyed the first one he leant me, Superman: Red Son, so I started this one with high hopes. Unfortunately, I didn’t think it was great. I can’t tell if it’s the story that sucked or if I had unrealistic expectations of it after reading Red Son and so expected too much.

Goodreads synopsis:

Hal Jordan–the Green Lantern of space sector 2814–has much to atone for. Possessed by an alien entity, Jordan once dismantled the entire Green Lantern Corps, killing many friends in the process.

Now he has regained the trust of his friends and allies and is rebuilding his life as a member of the Corps, a defender of Earth and a human being.

But fate won’t let Jordan move beyond his past. The Green Lanterns Jordan thought he had killed may still be alive…and crying for blood.

Now, to save the missing Lanterns, Jordan will travel deep into the heart of enemy territory and take on yet another threat from his past. But if he survives, the reward may be much greater than just redemption. (Goodreads)

Issues in this volume:

A Perfect Life: pencils by Carlos Pacheco; inked by Jesus Merino

Branded: pencils by Ethan Van Sciver; inked by Ethan Van Sciver and Prentis Rollins

Revenge of the Green Lanterns: pencils by Ivan Reis; inked by Mark Campos (issue 10) and Oclair Albert (issues 11-13)

colors by Moose Baumann; letters by Rob Leigh

My thoughts:

Though I’m not familiar with Green Lantern, I was willing to try something new. I was aware of the Green Lantern movie that was made a couple years ago staring Ryan Reynolds, but I haven’t watched it. Everyone says it sucks and I’ve never felt the need to watch it whenever it’s on TV. I was, however, curious about Green Lantern after reading Red Son and didn’t realize until I read Revenge of the Green Lanterns that there are more than one Green Lantern, that they are a group.

That surprise aside, I didn’t find the story in Revenge of the Green Lanterns appealing. Actually, I thought this volume was composed of individual stories and it wasn’t until the end that I realized they are connected by Hal Jordan’s past when he was under Parallax’s influence. I did find his attempts at atoning for his past actions interesting, but since I couldn’t detect a strong connection throughout the stories, the volume as a whole didn’t have a strong impact on me.

Also, I think this volume is more suited for someone who’s familiar with Hal Jordan’s background. Maybe if I’d known beforehand that he had deceived his fellows, I’d be more concerned about him and his problems while reading this.

However, of the issues that make up Revenge of the Green Lanterns, I found Branded the most interesting; but because of its characters, not the story. I mean, the story was okay, but the villain was very interesting because of how he’s illustrated — tattoos covering his body which he can make come to life. Batman appears in Branded too. He caught my attention there and now I’d like to read more about him. Actually, in the stories I read, I was more curious about the side characters than Hal Jordan. I guess it’s because I didn’t care much for his story.

(Btw, the little smurf dudes seem evil to me. I think they want to take over the world. But I might be wrong.)

Art style:

The art throughout is pretty good. I liked both the illustrations and colors. All the characters are fit. The men ripple with tight muscles and the women are all slender and sleek and drawn from angles that best feature their “assets” (I just think some of those angles are very suggestive). Green Arrow looked pretty good too. I liked his goatee and mustache.

As mentioned before, I love how the villain in Branded is illustrated because of the many tattoos across his body. The illustration of him is very detailed and he looks like a badass: shirtless wearing only cargo pants and dogtags.

I also love the illustration of Cyborg Superman (I think that’s his name) in the last issue, which is also titled Revenge of the Green Lanterns. His mechanical parts are very detailed and I love the shading and colors on him. It’s pretty impressive.

Overall: ★★☆☆☆ 1/2

The story was…meh, but I liked the art.

4 thoughts on “Comics Roundup #13: Revenge of the Green Lanterns

  1. LOL @ those “assets”. I see your point hahahh The artwork is still pretty decent. Looks very explosive and action-packed. There’s a lot of those trade paperbacks that aren’t one continuous accumulation of comic issues that follow one another, but rather a collection of issues to form a trade paperback that makes the most sense possible. Definitely would make sense if this was meant for someone who’s had more background on Hal Jordan and Green Lantern stories (probably not the best first stop for someone who hasn’t read about the dude with ring and green effects) Great review! 😀

    – Lashaan

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    1. “Explosive and action-packed” is right. I need to include such buzz words when doing my reviews of action comics.
      Hmm…I think I prefer comic volumes that’s a planned story line.

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