What’s On Your Nightstand: April 2017

What’s on Your Nightstand, is a monthly meme hosted by 5 Minutes for Books on the last Tuesday of every month that summarizes what you’ve read for the month, what you’re currently reading, and what you plan to read next. For my posts, I also include articles, music, art, TV shows, and whatever else I did in the month.

I’ve been struggling with my reading since the beginning of the year, but it picked up this month. Finally, I’ve started to read books that capture my attention and no longer do I feel like hopping from book to book. But though my reading took a positive turn this month, I was ill for most of it due to my allergies reacting to the pollen in the air.

I’ve spent almost all of April with a stuffy nose, itchy throat, headache, a cough, and sometimes a fever. I took a break from blogging a couple weeks ago because I was too weak to do much, returned because I felt better, but now I’m sick again, though not as much as last time. I now realize that doctors give good advice and I should have rested, as my doctor had prescribed (I’m stubborn so I often don’t do as I’m told). Anyway, back to the fun stuff.

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