Bout of Books 19 Wrap-Up

Well, my blogging has been off lately. Last week passed without me posting a thing because (1) I forgot to post this update and (2) I didn’t feel like blogging. I was hooked on the books I was reading, or speeding through them so I could return them to the library. I hate returning books unread.

Bout of Books is one of my favorite readathons and is usually the only one I participate in. For this one, I assigned myself four goals and 10 books, mostly comics, to accomplish in the week, May 8-14. But was I successful? We’ll see. Of my goals —

Read books checked out from the library, or at least start them.

Read comics.

Read everyday.

Read at home and before bed. No electronics.

I did all except one — no electronics before bed. I think I did that for one night, but there were a couple events on Sims Freeplay that I didn’t want to pass up sooo I had to play before bed. However, I was surprised that I read at home and got started on my library books.

As for the 10 books I listed to read, I only read two. HOWEVER, I did read three other books that were not on my list (which proves that I should stop making TBR lists). Here are what I read and my ratings, starting with the two books from my list:

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Spring Cleaning Book Tag

I’d really like to do some spring clean but, ugh! I can’t work up the energy. Instead, I’ll do the Spring Cleaning Book Tag, which I found on Dragons & Zombies. It was created by booktuber Jen @ Book Syrup.

The struggle of getting started: a book/book series that you have struggled to begin because of its size.

The Eye of the World by Robert Jordan

Well, this is more a struggle to continue rather than to begin. I started reading this high-fantasy series, which is composed of 13 thick books, back in 2013, but by the fifth book, I was too annoyed with Jordan’s writing to continue and took a break from it, which led to me giving up. Thanks to audio books, my interest in it has been renewed and now I look forward to continuing the series after refreshing my memory of those I’ve already read.

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