Top Ten Tuesday #26: Series Starters I Haven’t Started

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s topic:

10 series I want to start but haven’t

There are many series I want to start and I’ve seen several mentioned in blog posts I read this morning. I tried leaving comments on some, but I think WordPress is blocking me from commenting on posts because none of my comments show up after I submit them. It’s highly frustrating because I’ve already forgotten what I said on those posts. Has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, how did you fix it?

Anyway, here are 10 series that quickly came to mind:

The Band

Kings of the Wyld, published earlier this year, is Brandon Eames’s debut novel about a band of old mercenaries who go off on an adventure to rescue a friend’s daughter. I really want to read this one because of how funny I’ve heard it is. I plan to read it some time this summer.

Mythago Wood

Though Robert Holdstock’s Mythago Wood was published in 1984, I’ve never heard anything about it prior to seeing and purchasing the novel on Book Outlet a couple weeks ago. It’s the book’s title that made me interested enough to purchase it, but the synopsis helped to heighten my curiousity. I still don’t know much about the story, but this post over on Fabulous Realms was helpful. Actually, it made me more eager to read the book.

The Memoirs of Lady Trent

I’ve only seen positive reviews of these books, which begins with A Natural History of Dragons and is about a woman, Lady Trent, who is a dragon naturalist. I think my interest in it was heightened after reading In Search of Lost Dragons by Élian Black’Mor and Carine-M, a graphic novel about a journalist documenting the existence of dragons, because I thought the format for both is similar in that we read the protagonist’s journal.


I’ve often heard of Naomi Novik’s His Majesty’s Dragon but never thought to pick up the book. All I know of it is that a guy bonds with a dragon. I have heard the book is good and have been interested in reading it one day because it’s often mentioned on lists I’ve seen that recommend books with dragons.


The Final Empire starts Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series in which characters perform magic by manipulating metal… That’s all I know of it though I’ve watched and read many reviews of the book. For some reason, the metal magic is the only thing that stuck with me. I guess that’s because it’s quite different from the magic I usually see in fantasy.

The Kingkiller Chronicle

I’ve heard nothing but great things about Patrick Rothfuss’s The Name of the Wind. Like Sanderson’s Final Empire, I learned of this series on BookTube, which praised it so highly and so often that I bought the book. I believe I’ll enjoy it as well. I gather that it’s a coming-of-age tale about how a boy becomes the “most notorious wizard” in the world. I love those sort of stories.

The Diviners

I learned of Libba Bray’s supernatural series when the second novel, Lair of Dreams, was published in 2015. The hype got to me, so I bought the book intending to read it “soon.” Of course, that didn’t happen but I’d still like to give it a go. Set in Manhattan in the 1920s, it’s about a girl who’s exiled from her hometown and sent to live with her uncle in NYC, where she discovers her powers can help to catch a serial killer.

Keeper of Tales Trilogy

The trilogy begins with Ronlyn Domingue’s The Mapmaker’s War, which is about a mapmaker who discovers a secret kingdom that lives in peace but among great wealth. When she shares this knowledge, the kingdom is threatened and the mapmaker is exiled for treason when she tries to warn them. I haven’t yet read the book, but I’m still interested in the story. I haven’t heard it mentioned much, though.

Black Mage

I can’t believe I haven’t yet read Rachel E. Carter’s First Year, which begins the Black Mage series, a YA fantasy series about a girl who seeks to become a mage. I’ve often seen these books compared to Tamora Pierce’s Song of the Lioness series, which is an old favorite, so I’d live to give First Year a try.

Parasol Protectorate

I’ve wanted to read Gail Carriger’s Soulless since the beginning of time, but have procrastinated on it because I wonder if I won’t like it. For some reason, I keep thinking of Pride & Prejudice whenever I think of it, which, for me, isn’t a good thing because I don’t like Pride & Prejudice. I look forward to starting it soon, maybe next month, since I’ve forgotten what it’s about. That’s probably best.

That’s all the series. Let me know if you’ve read any of them.
I’ll try to comment, but it might take a while before whatever is happening to my account is fixed so that my comments show.

34 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday #26: Series Starters I Haven’t Started

  1. Might I suggest The Tomb by F. Paul Wilson. Incredible Sci-fi, medical, outworldy story. Protagonist is just an ordinary man dragged into a conflict, unwillingly, between two shadow forces. Great Series.


  2. That’s weird. I haven’t had that problem with my comments going to a Spam folder or not showing at all. (Though I’ve noticed that it seems to take forever for the interactive comments & likes sidebar to load some days…) Hope you can get this resolved soon!

    I adored The Name of the Wind, so yes, definitely read that when you have a chance. And there are several others on here that I’d like to read as well, like Temeraire, Lady Trent, Mistborn, and the Black Mage.


    1. Yea, it was weird, but I think it’s fixed now though I’m not sure how.

      Yep, I’m looking to start Name of the Wind in Autumn/Winter. I don’t know why it makes me think of that season.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hm I haven’t encountered that problem with WordPress before! 🤔 I hope it gets fixed soon somehow??
    Also so many series! The Diviners is definitely one I want to start, I’ve heard such great things. ❤


  4. I’m seeing Marie Brennan’s Lady Trent series and Novik’s Temeraire on lots of lists this week. I can’t recommend the former enough! It takes a couple books to get started, but once it does, it just sinks its hooks in you. As for Temeraire, I loved His Majesty’s Dragon, but sadly none of the later books worked nearly as well for me.


    1. Aww that sucks about the Temeraire books. I’ll see if I have a similar experience with them when I start reading.
      And I have to start those Lady Trent books this year.


  5. I really, really want to read the Memoirs of Lady Trent! It’s one of those series that I always seem to pass over when I’m shopping for a new book, and I really must curb myself from doing that the next time I go out. I’ve heard wonderful things about it too.


  6. A lot of these series are on my list too!
    I have only read The Name of The Wind which I found to be really really great! It was my very first Adult Fantasy book. Now I’m currently reading The Final Empire and so far, so great. The writing in both books is fabulous!
    I hope you’re going to get to them eventually and enjoy them!


  7. It’s happened to me when commenting, it means your comments are most likely going to their spam folders & it truly sucks. You need a few bloggers to mark as “Not Spam” & approve the comments you leave so that WP can break you out of spam jail, hope this helps *fingers crossed*

    The Diviners, KingKiller Chronicles, and Parasol Protectorate are at the very top of my TBR, great list 🙂


    1. Thanks for the tip. I figured so. I also contacted Akismet, but they said I wasn’t being blocked so I guess yesterday was just a weird day.
      Looks like it’s working normal now.

      Thanks! I really want to start Parasol Protectorate next month hopefully.


  8. I haven’t started any of those either. So many books to read, and a series is such a commitment. I have decided not to start a new series until I get caught up on the ones I have on the go right now.


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