Book Haul #38: Attack of the e-books

Never had I thought a day would come when I would purchase as many e-books as I do physical ones. I’m spoiled on the sweet deals I keep finding for e-books, but I doubt I’ll like them more than the physical copies. I’ll always prefer holding a book in my hand rather than reading on a screen.

Physical books

Monstress, Vol. 2: The Blood by Marjorie Liu, illus. by Sana Takeda

A fantasy comic book about a girl with a monster inside her. I loved the first volume, which I reviewed here. The story is dark and gory and has the feel of an epic fantasy novel and the artwork is absolutely beautiful. Can’t wait to get started.

A Study in Brimstone by G.S. Denning

The first in the Warlock Holmes series, this looks like a reimagining of Sherlock Holmes as a detective of fantastical things… I haven’t read the book yet, but that’s what I got from the synopsis. It looks like it will be very humorous though. I picked this up almost at random. I’ve always seen the book around so when I got a coupon from Barnes & Noble for a mystery novel, I bought it.

The Shadow Queen by C.J. Redwine

The first in the Ravenspire YA fantasy series, which I believe is a Snow White retelling: a princess seeks magic to get back her crown from the wicked queen who stole her throne and killed her father and a prince seeks magic to protect his kingdom from an invading army. I liked the cover of the second book so I got this one. In my mind, that made a lot of sense. Plus, I had a coupon for a YA novel from Barnes & Noble.

Cold Counsel by Chris Sharp

I can’t help myself. I always purchase one of the books I feature in my Tough Travels posts. In my most recent oneCold Counsel and The Grey Bastards, by Jonathan French, stood out the most to me, but I only managed to purchase Cold Counsel (I had a coupon!) because no copies of The Grey Bastards are available anywhere. If you own The Grey Bastards, please tell me how you got it.

Also, Cold Counsel was fucking expensive! It’s a trade paperback and isn’t very thick but the cover price was like $21 or something. If I didn’t have a coupon, I probably wouldn’t bother or just get the e-book.

Normal by Warren Ellis

A sci-fi novel that was released in four parts by FSG Originals last year. It’s a techno-thriller novel about scientists and social scientists who study the future (they’re call futurists) and become depressed because of their work and are committed to a mental asylum called Normal Head, in Oregon. I borrowed this from the library because I liked the cover and have since read it and really liked it. I believe I read only the first part, though. It’s quite short at just 148 pages.

Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

I don’t think I’ve ever read Peter Pan, but I have seen the old film adaptation of it by Disney. I recently read an article by Christina Henry on The Appeal of the Dark Side of Fairy Tales, which got me interested in her new novel, Lost Boy, which is about Captain Hook. I immediately placed her book on my TBR and bought a copy of Peter Pan on Book Outlet. I’ve since read two reviews of Henry’s book, one negative and one positive, but I’m still curious and want to get it soon.

Tigana by Guy Gavriel Kay

So I recently watched a video on where to start with Guy Gavriel Kay’s books and since this one was on Book Outlet, I got it. Kay’s books have often been recommended to me and I heard he’s a great writer so I’m curious to see if I’ll like this. I think it’s about a country that’s cursed and the people who live there can’t remember the name of it.

The Twelve Kings of Sharakhai by Bradley P. Beaulieu

Here’s another novel that was featured in a Tough Travels post. It stood out to me because those who recommended it said it has a kick-ass female protagonist, plus I often hear the book mentioned by other bloggers and vloggers. It’s another Book Outlet purchase.

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

The first in a YA fantasy series about a girl with a talent for killing. I’ve wanted to read this book since it was first published but kept forgetting about it.

The Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

Another first in a YA fantasy series. This one is about a girl who must reclaim her throne, learn to be a queen, and defeat an evil sorceress (that’s a lot!). If I end up liking this book, I’ll have to get a physical copy. I really like the cover. It makes me feel cross-eyed.

Ancilliary Justice by Ann Leckie

The first in a very popular sci-fi series that I’m curious about. Seems to be about a woman who’s out to get revenge.

Leviathan Wakes by James S.A. Corey

I’ve wanted to read this book ever since watching The Expanse on SyFy, which is the TV adaptation of the book. The TV show is a bit confusing to me so I thought the book would help me understand it better.

Hogwarts books from Pottermore Presents

I was craving Harry Potter after doing the Hogwarts Tag so I got these three e-books, which I’m currently reading and enjoying. They make me want more books in the series, which I’m glad to hear will happen.


21 thoughts on “Book Haul #38: Attack of the e-books

  1. Gosh, I think the day I’ll embrace ebooks, I’ll end up laughing out loud at myself. I love my paper way too much. 😛 However, you got your hands on some super sweet deals!!! That Warlock Holmes one had caught my eye in the past as well. It seems like so much fun. I also plan on reading Ann Leckie’s latest novel soon, although I haven’t read that classic you got your hands on (Ancillary Justice). Definitely plan on reading that one afterwards, especially if her latest novel blows my mind. 😀 I also really hope to read Monstress someday. It sounds so beautiful and awesome ever since the first volume came out. Happy reading!! 😀


    1. Dude!!! You gotta read Monstress. It has the feel of an epic high fantasy novel. And the artwork is so beautiful!
      Yea… I don’t know how I’m gonna get on with the ebooks. I love the deals but so far when I complete one I love, I go and buy the physical copy. I might as well just go back to physical copies only, maybe.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s hard to resist those good e-book deals sometimes 😀 It’s good that I saw you mention ‘Tigana’! I have my eyes on Guy Gavriel Kay for a while as he’s one of the ‘big’ fantasy writers I haven’t tried yet. I just got a sample of the book as well and see how I like it.


  3. Before I got into reviewing, ebooks were pretty much all I bought! It’s just so convenient and every so often there would be such excellent deals that I can’t resist. I hope you will enjoy Warlock Holmes! I am loving the series so far.


    1. Thanks. I hope so too. Seems like it will be funny. And ebooks are really convenient when travelling. I’m able to take many books wherever I go.


  4. I’m travelling next week and Neil says I’m not ‘allowed’ to bring any real books. I’ll hopefully be making a dent in the Kindle list which includes Tearling and Ancillary Justice. And I’ll be downloading a few more from your list. Thank you!


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