Tome Topple Readathon TBR | Round 4

YES! 😀 Tome Topple is back and I’m gonna participate!

I’ve wanted to do this readathon ever since booktuber Sam from Thoughts on Tomes started it last year, but never got the chance to. But I think I’ll have the time now. All I’ll do is work and read. 😀 That’s paradise for me, y’all (except the work part).

The whole point of Tome Topple is to read big books (over 500 pages). Being a readathon, it crunches the allotted time to complete the book(s) to 2 weeks. Of course, there’s no pressure to actually complete the book(s) during that time. The readathon simply encourages us all to read the larger books on our shelves.

This round of Tome Topple will run from midnight on August 4 to 11:59 p.m. on August 17. I’m so ready for it!!

There will be reading sprints and smaller challenges on Twitter and IG, in addition to those listed below, but I doubt I’ll participate in those extra stuff. I hardly tweet and won’t have the energy to do IG stuff.


Read more than 1 tome

Read a graphic novel (over 500 pages!)

Read a tome that is part of a series

Buddy read a tome

Read an adult novel

With that in mind, I’ve chosen these books for my TBR:

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames

Wolf Children: Ame & Yuki by Mamoru Hosoda, illus. by Yuu

Isle of Blood by Rick Yancey

The Iliad by Homer, trans. by Robert Fagles

Being tomes, these are a lot to read. However, my focus will be on Kings of the Wyld and Wolf Children, which together knocks out 4 of the challenges above. I won’t be buddy-reading anything. If I end up reading faster than expected, then I’ll move on to either Isle of Blood, which I really want to read to continue Yancey’s Monstrumologist series, or The Iliad, which I’d love to start this summer.

So, are you participating in this readathon?
If so, let me know below what you plan to read.

24 thoughts on “Tome Topple Readathon TBR | Round 4

  1. Ooh this sounds like good fun! Unfortunately real life is getting in the way of my reading time at the moment. Good luck! I hope you get through all that you want to!


  2. This is a great idea! It’s so easy to end up with lots of tomes on your shelf that are too intimidating to pick up (at least, I often feel that way) and it seems to me most bookish goals these days are related to the number of books rather than pages, which doesn’t exactly add any incentives to tackle those giant books. Anyway, good luck!!


  3. ooh this sounds fantastic!! I’m tempted because it might be good to try to read some of the books that I’ve already started and haven’t finished because they’re so long…. but the challenges seem a bit tough for me!


      1. I ended up not taking part 😦 I didn’t know it all takes place on goodreads where I am not very active unfortunately.

        But I found this other cool challenge 😀 i really wanted to join one!


  4. That looks like so much fun – thanks for posting about it! I joined the GoodReads group – I think I might try it. Now I just need to decide which books to read!


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