Languishing in the Spam Folder of Doom

A Plea for Release From Spam Jail

I’ve been outcasted from your blogs. For some reason, WordPress has seen fit to mark me as spam. I do not know why this is. It’s not as if I’ve peppered people with comments recently. I’ve barely had time to draft posts much less comment on other blogs. But now that I have time to comment, no one sees what I submit. It’s irritating and now my sunny Sunday is overcasted by the pall of the Spam dungeon.

Since I don’t know what caused my imprisonment, I don’t know how to break out or how to fix it. I could send notes to folks asking them to check their Spam folders, but to do so for each blog I visit would be time consuming. So, if you all don’t mind, could you please check your Spam folders and unblock me? Chances are if I liked one of your posts recently, then I probably commented on it too.


24 thoughts on “Languishing in the Spam Folder of Doom

    1. Oh good.
      I’ve considered self-hosting before, but for now I prefer not just because I think it requires more responsibility and I prefer not to think too much about blogging, though glitches like this spam thing doesn’t help much.


  1. I’m unable to use the ‘LIKE’ with WordPress Btw,
    So instead i just use the 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 as a substitute rather than a rating of any particular work,
    Plus there’s the diversity aspect 🌠


  2. Wait, so you’re having that problem at multiple blogs? (*shakes her fist at WordPress*)

    I took care of approving your comments at my blog, btw. Hope this doesn’t continue to be a problem for you.


  3. This happened to not only me but a bunch of blogs that comment on my stuff! I thought it was me and one of the (many) issues that followed with self-hosting through Jetpack, but now I’m not so sure! Regardless, it was a good idea to make a post about it. I’ll have to check on both my blogs to see. (Once I remember how to work regular WordPress blogs… urg.)


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