Bout of Books 20 Wrap-Up

And I’m back with my Bout of Books wrap up. I’m mad late with this because I wasn’t in the mood to blog this past week.

The 20th edition of Bout of Books was from August 21 – 27. I assigned myself 3 goals and a bunch of fucking books because I was feeling ambitious, though most of the books were comics. Let’s see if I was successful.


My goals:

Read comics.

Read everyday.

Read at home and before bed. No electronics.

Like last year, I managed to complete all my goals except one, well, half of one: No electronics. I couldn’t stay off my iPad because of Sims Freeplay. There was a challenge thing going on and I wanted the prize so that took up my blogging time.

I did pretty well with my assigned books as well. Of the 8 I assigned myself, I read 6. Most were rereads. Here’s what I read and their ratings:

Equal Rites by Terry Pratchett

I gave this 4.5 stars, rounded to 5 stars on Goodreads. Equal Rites is my first Terry Pratchett novel and I enjoyed it. It started out a bit slow, which made me think I’d DNF it, but it picked up around the middle. I started it before the readathon. The story is about the first female wizard of Discworld.

Birthright, Vol. 1: Homecoming by Joshua Williamson, illus. by Andrei Bressan

I gave this 4 stars. Birthright is a fantasy comic book series about a boy who returns home after disappearing into an alternate world. It’s pretty good. The story quickly caught my attention and I recently bought the second volume.

Saga, Vol. 1
Saga, Vol 2
Saga, Vol. 3
by Brian K. Vaughan, illus. by Fiona Staples

These three Saga volumes were rereads and I gave them all 5 stars. At first I wasn’t going to include them in my reading stats since they are comics and are quick reads, but I changed my mind when I started picking up on small details I overlooked on my first read. I’m glad that the story holds up on a reread. It was just as enjoyable and I still love my favorite characters.

Saga, Vol. 4
Saga, Vol. 5
Saga, Vol. 6
by Brian K. Vaughan, illus. by Fiona Staples

Now these three Saga volumes were new reads. I rated them as follows: 5 stars for volume 4 because OMG!!; 4.5 stars for volume 5 because….I forgot why; and 4 stars for volume 6 because I no longer like The Will and other reasons.

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames
The Iliad by Homer, trans. by Robert Fagles

I also read Kings of the Wyld and The Iliad on the readathon. Since I didn’t complete Kings of the Wyld during the readathon, I won’t include my star rating of it here. I’m still reading The Iliad.

With all that said, I’ll count this readathon a SUCCESS!! I read almost all the books and completed almost all the goals. That’s as good as I’ll get with a readathon.


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