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So my plan for this week is to catch up on things I’m tagged for. But, me being me, I’ll kick this week off with a tag I wasn’t tagged for because (1) I feel like doing it and (2) it fits the time of year: September, schools are back in session.

  • Mention the creator of the tag.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
    • I wasn’t tagged. 😦
  • Answer the following with the book that most fits the statement.
    • Okay.
  • Nominate 3 others to do the tag.
    • Will do.
Math: A book that has two characters who equal perfection

Ugh, math. I hate math. It was my worst subject until my junior year of high school when I met a teacher who was so awesome that I developed a small appreciation for the subject. That appreciation was promptly squashed when I got to college. Anyway, for this I had to choose:

Marko and Alana

These two make my heart flutter. They are so great together and their relationship symbolizes the peace that is possible in their world. Of the comics, Saga, Vol. 4 is my favorite because we see some conflicts enter their relationship and see how they handle it.

Science: A book that was hard to get into

I actually liked my science classes. They were a little challenging, but I loved that aspect of it; though it could be because I had great science teachers. Teachers can make or break the enjoyment of any subject. Anyway, here’s a tough one:

Tom Jones by Henry Fielding

I’ve tried to read this a few times, but the language makes it hard to get into the story. I always grow bored and tired and fall asleep. I also faintly recall that the author has a strong presence in the story though he’s not a character, which annoyed me. I can’t remember it all clearly because it’s been a while since I’ve attempted to read it, but I’m pretty sure the author did that.

English: A book that should be a modern classic

English! 😀 English was a favorite. I loved reading and discussing books (duh!) and writing stories and such. It was fun as long as I didn’t have read and deconstruct boring poems. For this, let’s see…

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

Though many would disagree, I do believe the Harry Potter books should be considered modern classics. My reason for this is because of the great impact it’s had on children book publishing. It has helped that market to flourish and has even caused certain sites that maintain records of best-selling books to reconsider how they present such data. For that sort of impact and for the deeply imaginative world Rowling has created that has remained with many readers as they grow older, I believe it should be considered a modern classic.

P.E.: A book that made me race to the finish

P.E. I loathed P.E…unless it was a dance class 🙂 . Mystery novels usually make me dash for the end because I’m always anxious to know how it all ends, but recently a book that happened with was:

The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks

This is a fantasy book that I enjoyed and have already mentioned once or twice on here. I don’t care. I really enjoyed it, so I’ll mention it many, many times more. My excitement and anxiety about the characters continued increasing as I read that toward the end I began speed reading to quickly find out how it all ends.

Music: A book that reminds you of a song

I never took a music class, but I was taught to play the recorder in primary school. I didn’t like it much. Back then I would have preferred the drums, but now I love the electric guitar. I don’t really have an answer for this category, actually; but this comes close:

Kings of the Wyld by Nicholas Eames

Books don’t usually make me think of music, but in an interview Eames said that he thought of the band of warriors in this story as an actual music band, like a rock band, and when I read that, it made total sense to me.

Passing on these notes (tag) to these folks:

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8 thoughts on “School Book Tag

  1. Hi honey! Thanks for tagging me – I’ve been a bit MIA lately, sorry I didn’t thank you sooner! ❤
    Omg lol – I was not a P.E. in person during middle school, I just found it so gross having to "exercise" in the middle of the day and then go straight to another class… EWW!! Once I got to high school though, I joined cross country so then it was all good since practice was last period and after school.
    I haven't read any of these books but Harry Potter, but hey – now some more to add to my TBR! ❤


    1. Hey gurl! That’s cool. Life gets busy, it happens.
      lol at PE. I always thought it was best to have that at the end of the day so peeps could then go home and shower or something.


  2. Math. Yuck! I was not a fan of math either. I did enjoy algebra, but that was about it. College math was brutal. I did enjoy one college math class called “math in the modern world” which was PRACTICAL math that you actually use like loans, interest rates, etc etc. English was a favorite subject always! I was very fortunate to have wonderful teachers my entire school career that fostered a love for reading.

    I totally agree with you that HP should be considered a modern classic. That series was a game changer in the world of children’s literature.


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