Emperor’s New Clothes Tag

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done a tag (only 3 days, but whatever). I’ve wanted to do this one ever since the Orangutan Librarian created and tagged me for it.

I actually didn’t know anything about The Emperor’s New Clothes story before being tagged for this. The only thing I’ve seen that relates to the story is the Disney cartoon, The Emperor’s New Groove, with this dude —

It was one of Disney’s stupidest shows. Anyway, the Orangutan Librarian has included a song of The Emperor’s New Clothes story in her post, so now I know what it’s all about (and realize it’s sometimes referred to in other works, like Mary Poppins, which I watched a couple days ago). I really like the song. I played it over and over again until it was stuck in my head. Now I want to play it again, but first, the tag. (I’ll choose from the books I read this year.)

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