Me in Book Characters Tag

Oh my gosh! It’s been so long since I’ve done a book tag. I don’t think I’ve ever gone this long (about 2 full weeks!!!) without doing one since committing to this blogging thing. I enjoy doing tags too much.

Well, I’m jumping back into tags by doing one I was actually tagged for: “Me in Book Characters” Tag, which was created by Ash & Lo, who both run Windowsill Books. I was tagged by the awesome Orangutan Librarian.

The rules:
  1. Thank the creators of the tag.
  2. Thank whoever tagged you!
  3. List 5 book characters who you are most like and explain why.
  4. Tag your friends!

I actually procrastinated on this tag because I thought it was a difficult one to do. Once I read the requirements, my mind went blank and I couldn’t think of any characters. That was until I saw Emily at Embuhlee list do this tag and reminded me of a character that’s similar to me and it’s:

Sheska from Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa

I love Fullmetal Alchemist. It’s such a fun manga/anime series about two brothers trying to restore their bodies after a failed experiment. Sheska is a minor character from the series, but I love her. She’s a total bookworm, like me, so I had to add her to this list.

Soledad from Soledad by Angie Cruz

Of all the books I’ve read, I probably identify the most with Soledad, the titular character from Angie Cruz’s novel about a young woman living in the East Village who must move back home to Washington Heights in Upper Manhattan to help care for her mother who had fallen into a coma. Soledad and her family are from the Dominican Republic. I don’t relate entirely to Soledad, but certain things, especially relating to family, were pretty spot on.

Marjorie Agyekum from Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Homegoing was one of my favorite novels of last year. It’s a historical novel that gives us an overview of Black history as it follows the descendants of two sisters from West Africa. Of all the characters we’re introduced to, I connected with Marjorie the most because some of her experiences are similar to mine, such as she immigrated to the U.S. at a young age and as she grows older, she feels as if she’s forgetting the country and culture she was born into.

Windy from This One Summer by Mariko Tamaki, illus. by Jillian Tamaki

This One Summer is a contemporary YA graphic novel about two girls spending the summer together at the beach. Of the girls, I liked Windy the most. I connected with her carefree nature. Unlike her friend, Rose, she seems willing to hang on to her childhood for as long as she can and soak up as much fun as she can. I can relate to that.

Soka from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of my favorite TV shows. I love all the characters, but I can connect with Soka’s sense of humor. It’s like mine; and I always laugh at my own jokes. 😀

Yip-ti-dee!! I found characters for this tag!

Now’s your turn.

I tag these people:

Life of a Female Bibliophile

Graphic Novelty2

Bethan May Books

And you too! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Me in Book Characters Tag

    1. YOU DID??!!! AHHHH!!! 😀 😀 I’m so happy you did! That brought a smile to this horrible day I’ve been having. So awesome!
      Yea, Marjorie was pretty great. I like how her story connects with Marcus’s at the end.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Yay! We are so happy you did the tag! And we LOVE Avatar!! Soka was such a great choice! He was one of our favorite characters from the show 🙂

    Happy reading!

    -Ash & Lo


  2. I love Full Metal Alchemist and Avatar: The Last Airbender 🙂 This tag is probably one of the most difficult I’ve ever seen!


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