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Since I’m posting book tags all week, I thought why not catch up on ones I was actually tagged for. (Great idea, right?!) I decided to do so starting with the Back to the Future Tag, which was created by Getting Through Anxiety, whose favorite movie is Back to the Future. I enjoyed watching it too, back in the day.

I was tagged by Emma, the Bookish Underdog.

Name a movie/book/show that makes you want to go back in time when you were younger and enjoy it all over again!

Let’s see…


Mary Poppins

Definitely Mary Poppins. Oh my gosh! I LOVED that movie as a kid and would watch it over and over again with my cousin. The Lion King is another I wouldn’t mind watching again for the first time.

Coming to America

I fucking LOVED this movie. It popped in my head right after Mary Poppins (which is weird) and I had to include it. It’s another favorite I watched constantly with my cousin, though we weren’t allowed to watch it since it was rated R (I think) and we were really little, like in primary school. But we sneaked and watched it so much that we knew the whole movie by heart. I rewatched it a couple days ago and realized that it’s pretty problematic, but I can’t help enjoying it still.

Also would love to watch Eve’s Bayou again for the first time. It’s another favorite, and also Fried Green Tomatoes and Steel Magnolias and Juice and Hollywood Shuffle and New Jack City and Menace II Society and Friday. Oh shit! All these movies popping up in my head now. I haven’t thought of them in ages! I need to have a movie day where I just rewatch all this stuff.


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

You by Caroline Kepnes, narr. by Santino Fontana

Of course, I’d love to read the Harry Potter books again for the first time; that’s a no-brainer; but I’d LOVE also to listen to the audiobook of You again because OMG! It’s so good. If you’re interested in reading this thriller novel, which is suppose to be adapted for a Lifetime TV show, then I highly suggest trying the audiobook. And if you’ve already read the book and really liked it, then you too should check out the audiobook. The narrator did a great job of capturing the protagonist’s voice.

TV shows

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Fullmetal Alchemist

These are a bit of cheat because they are both available in book form, but I was introduced to them through their TV shows and I LOVED both!! I rewatch them often and it would be great to experience the feeling I felt when I first saw them.

What’s your favorite sci-fi and/or fantasy book/show/movie?

Movie: X-men

That is X-men and all the other superhero movies except the Spiderman movies because I liked none of them. (Haven’t yet seen the newest one though.)

Book: Song of the Lioness Quartet

Apart from the Harry Potter books, I really like Tamora Pierce’s YA novels about a female knight, and also the majority of Robin McKinley’s books.

TV show: Supernatural

I love this TV show! It’s been a while since I’ve watched it, but I love bingeing on it and rewatching the earlier seasons.

What’s a moment in a book that takes place in the past or future that you’d like to visit?

Ehh…I don’t get on well with time jumps, so I often avoid them. With that said, I can’t think of a book that includes a jump to a time I’d like to visit.

What’s a fictional store, cafe, etc. in a book/show/movie you’d like to visit?

Delicious! by Ruth Reichl

Other than Flourish & Blotts, the bookstore in the Harry Potter books, I’d love to visit Fontanari’s, the cheese shop in Ruth Reichl’s contemporary novel Delicious!, which is about a girl working at a food magazine. I don’t like cheese; I hate the smell of it, but I’d love to visit Fontanari’s because of the characters who work there. I wondered if it was a real place as I read.

Name an automobile or way of travel in a book/show/movie that you’d like to take for a ride. What book/show/movie is it from?

Eragon by Christopher Paolini

Avatar: the Last Airbender

Definitely on dragon back, similar to how Eragon flies with Sapphira in Paolini’s fantasy series. And also on Appa, Aang’s sky bison. Both would be exhilarating experiences.

Favorite fictional scientist?

The Martian by Andy Weir

My answer was going to be the Elric brothers from Fullmetal Alchemist, but I decided to mix it up some and go with Mark Watney from The Martian, who’s also pretty cool.

I also choose Mr. White from Breaking Bad. (I really need to continue with that show.)

That’s it!

I won’t tag anyone, but if you want to do this tag, please do and let me know so I can check it out.


9 thoughts on “Back to the Future Tag

  1. i feel like i’m too old for YA novels (i’m 25) but that female knight one looks interesting. FML was sooo friggin good. I highly recommend watching MONSTER or Ghost in the Shell i love that gritty anime genre.


    1. Aww you’re never too old for them. Some YA might seem too juvenile because you’ve moved past that age group, but some are just as great and complex as novels written for an adult audience. The novel by Tamora Pierce was fun.
      I’ve heard of Ghost in the Shell but never tried it and that’s the first I’ve heard of Monster. I’ll check them when I get a chance. Thanks for the recs. 🤣

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you can thank me later after you watch them! lol i hope you enjoy ya need to watch Ghost in the Shell mmhhh so good anime. i think i’m going to go the library and check out the selection, i’ve always wanted to read the UGLIES series, it was really popular when i was in 8th grade. maybe they’ll have the tamora pierce one!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yea, they probably will have Pierce’s books. She’s great and she has a new book out now too. The Song of the Lioness books, the ones with the female knight, were her first books and were published in the early 1980s.

          Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooh yes to Mary Poppins- good pick!! hehe yes HP’s a good pick. And I love X Men, Song of the Lioness and Supernatural! Yup, definitely like to hitch a lift on a dragon 😉 Mark Watney is the best! Awesome answers!


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