Fantasy Bucket List Book Tag

It’s gonna be another full week of tags because I didn’t get the chance over the weekend to write a review post or anything else. Actually, last week stressed me out so much that I just didn’t want to do anything on the weekend except read and scare myself with some movies. (The “scare myself with some movies” part didn’t happen. I watched Grimm instead.)

Plus, since the end of my first GIVEAWAY is looming (end of the week on Friday), I thought these book tags could provide you all with some ideas of books to request, in case you haven’t signed up for my GIVEAWAY because you’re much too intimidated by the thought of requesting books that cost up to $30, if you should win.

Well, here are some ideas below and more will come throughout the week so by Saturday or Sunday when I notify the winner, whoever that person is will have no problem telling me what book(s) he/she desires. 😀

Anyway, I found this tag over on Dragons & Zombies, who I’m gonna say tagged me. I couldn’t find who the creator is.

…I’ll try (very hard) not to make this all about Harry Potter

A fictional world that you would like to tour


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