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It’s gonna be another full week of tags because I didn’t get the chance over the weekend to write a review post or anything else. Actually, last week stressed me out so much that I just didn’t want to do anything on the weekend except read and scare myself with some movies. (The “scare myself with some movies” part didn’t happen. I watched Grimm instead.)

Plus, since the end of my first GIVEAWAY is looming (end of the week on Friday), I thought these book tags could provide you all with some ideas of books to request, in case you haven’t signed up for my GIVEAWAY because you’re much too intimidated by the thought of requesting books that cost up to $30, if you should win.

Well, here are some ideas below and more will come throughout the week so by Saturday or Sunday when I notify the winner, whoever that person is will have no problem telling me what book(s) he/she desires. 😀

Anyway, I found this tag over on Dragons & Zombies, who I’m gonna say tagged me. I couldn’t find who the creator is.

…I’ll try (very hard) not to make this all about Harry Potter

A fictional world that you would like to tour


This is the magical world in Michael Ende’s The Neverending Story, a YA fantasy story about a boy who seeks refuge in a bookstore from bullies and steals a book that takes him on a magical adventure. This is one of the books that sparked my love of fantasy. It’s one of my favorite books, but I need to reread it. I’ve forgotten so much about it.

A specific place that you would like to visit

Diagon Alley

I’m now reading the illustration version of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, the part where Harry ends up in Knockturn Alley, and it just made me want to visit there (Diagon Alley, not Knockturn Alley, though I wouldn’t mind taking a peek down it too). I’d have so much fun visiting all the stores.

A character that you would like to meet

The Fool

Like Sarah, I’d also love to meet the Fool, more so now that I’m reading The Golden Fool and would love to see how he looks. The descriptions of him as being fashionable and wearing clothes that highlight his golden complexion makes me want to see how exactly he looks. I’d also like to just talk to him or listen to his stories or just hang out.

The psychics of 300 Fox Way

I’d like them to read my palm or tarot cards.

An event you would like to witness

The tourney

The one that Kylar participates in when training to become an assassin in The Way of Shadows. I just really like the description of the fights and that he flips the bird at the end…or so I think.

A sport/activity you would like to try


Of course! 😀 I’m not a huge fan of sports, but this is the only one I wouldn’t mind trying. I probably would be a good Seeker, if I put my mind to it.

A weapon you would like to wield


I’m not a fan of weapons, but of all the ones I’ve read about, this one is the most fun.

An item you would like to use

Other than the wand?

I guess the invisibility cloak then.


Or the pashmina from Pashmina by Nidhi Chanani. I really liked the story about a girl seeking to learn more about her culture and accept who she is. When women put on the pashmina, they are presented with other options they can take in their lives.

Well, hope you saw some interesting books here.



26 thoughts on “Fantasy Bucket List Book Tag

  1. I love this list! There are some amazing books on here. I haven’t read anything by Robin Hobb yet– but all her books sound AWESOME. I am just super intimidated to pick up any of these long series. Any recommendations on where to start in her works?

    I am also happy to see The Neverending Story here. Even more reasons to read this! I think I’d visit the mice of Redwall. I’m fascinated to see how they made everything.

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    1. Lol thanks. Definitely start with Assassin’s Apprentice to get going with Robin Hobb’s series. That’s the very beginning and because the series is broken up into trilogies, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

      And yea, def read the Neverending Story.

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  2. I’ve never actually read The Never Ending Story… I grew up watching the film adaptation, but never picked up the book. Since you are such a fan of the book, did you like or dislike the film version? Was it true to the book?


    1. Yes! Def give it a go. I bet you’ll have better answers too since you’ve read more fantasy books than me.
      Yup, I read the Liveship Traders trilogy too. I suspected Amber the whole time of being my fav character, lol! Have you read the entire series? So far, I think I prefer the ones from Fitz’s POV. I’ve only read the Farseer and Liveship Traders books so far and am on Tawney Man now.

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      1. Yay Amber 😄 & Malta – the character progression! So good. I have read all but the final two books, which i have been putting off as i don’t want the series to end 🙈😄 I prefer the Fitz ones too but i did really enjoy Althea & co. I think Tawny Man (Fool’s Fate in particular 😭) and Liveships are my fave. Rain Wilds is good and definitely necessary for the whole series but man, definitely the weakest instalment too.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol! I totally understand that. I tend to procrastinate on completing series I like (such as the Hunger Games). Aww man, that sucks about the Rain Wilds, but I’ll see when I get to those books. So far the Liveship ones were the hardest reads for me because they are so emotionally heavy. I had to take a break after completing each book.
          And yea! Totally loved Amber and Malta’s character development. I really disliked Malta when we first meet her.

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