Easter Book Tag


Yes, I’m bringing back BOOK TAG WEEK because I have no time to do any other post, AND it’s been a while since I’ve done a bunch of book tags. My blog should never go long without a book tag and I have no excuse for not doing one since there are many I am tagged for and have yet to do.

I’m kicking off my BOOK TAG WEEK with the Easter Book Tag. Easter was this past weekend and for my Jamaican butt that means I ate lots of bun and cheese and fried fish (not all together). It’s Jamaican tradition to have these things around Easter and boy do I love them! Easter is the only time I love eating cheese, otherwise cheese is one of my least favorite food. And I love me some fried fish. Fried until it’s so crispy it crunches in your mouth! Wooo…I’m so hungry now! Here is a pic to get your  mouth watering too:

bun and cheese

Ahh…sweet bun. Oh, how I love thee. ❤

Well then, this tag. It was created by book vlogger Rosie the Reader.

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