Easter Book Tag, Pt. 2

You could say I’m going overboard with these book tags. You wouldn’t be wrong. (Another Easter book tag??!! What?! Why?!) But it’s BOOK TAG WEEK, so any and all book tags can be posted. Plus, I couldn’t pass up this book tag when I saw it — though it was in Italian and I neither speak nor read Italian and had to use Google Translate to understand what was said. BUT! Google Translate worked perfectly (I think) and now I can do this originally-in-Italian Easter Book Tag. Yeahie me!! 😀 😀

I do not know if this blogger created the tag, but I found it on Il Profumo Delle Parole. Below, I’ll include the questions/requests in Italian, as I saw it on the blog, and in English, translated by Google Translate.

Cioccolato e dolci non ne hai mai abbastanza, un morso tira l’altro: Scegli una saga di cui un libro tira l’altro.
Chocolate and sweets you never get enough, one bite pulls the other: Choose a saga of which one book pulls the other.

Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

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