April Showers Book Tag

The forecast for my blog today is the April Showers Book Tag, which was created by Sabrina from Beyond the Book Reviews and Alexis, who’s Mad for Books, Luv. Both Sabrina and Alexis created the tag as part of their monthly book tag meme, where they create book tags based on a selected theme.

This is such a perfect tag for the month! In my part of the world, April has always had a hard time trying to decide what it wants to be: warm and sunny, grey and rainy, cloudy and snowy. It’s a confusing month and I never dress well for the weather. I’m always either over- or under-dressed because the weather forecasters are hardly ever helpful. But anyway, to the tag.

Share a book with water on the cover:

Dry by Augusten Burroughs

Dry is Burroughs’s memoir about battling alcoholism.

That’s what I got from reading the synopsis on Goodreads — I’ve never read this book before, but I’m familiar with the cover. I’ve never forgotten it — the cover — because it’s one of my favorite book covers. It implies so much from the title and the effect placed on the words to make it seem as if some sort of liquid has caused the ink to streak down the page. I love it. I might give this one a read one day.

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