I Heart Characters! #1: Warrior Woman Fae Love Pet Sidekick

I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani at Perspective of a Writer to share our love of great characters. Each week Dani will assign a topic/type of character that we must find examples of in the various media we consume (books, TV shows, movies, comics, podcasts, etc.).

I’ve wanted to participate in this meme since I first heard of it but kept forgetting to do it. So for my first post, I’ll combine all the ones I’ve missed. I’ll start with the topic that kicked off this meme:

Warrior woman

I take this to mean a powerful female character so I choose:

Jane McKeene

Jane is the protagonist in Justina Ireland’s recently published alternative historical fiction YA novel, Dread Nation. The story is set couple years after the U.S. Civil War, which was cut short because the dead began to rise — i.e. ZOMBIES!! The novel isn’t exactly horror, but many might categorize it as such because there are zombies in it. It’s not scary.

Jane is our narrator and when the story begins, she is at a school that trains Black girls to fight the zombies (called Shamblers) to protect White people. Because of the Native and Negro Reeducation Act, Native Indian and Negro teens are forced to attend these combat schools. Jane is one of the top students, though her tendency to say what she thinks doesn’t make her popular with the students or teachers.

I chose her for this category because she is a total badass. She is smart but knows how to fight and strategize. Her pluckiness often gets her in trouble, but she’s quick witted and just as often is able to devise a way to either ease her situation or figure out a way to escape it. Her character is the reason why I enjoyed this story as much as I did and read it so quickly.

Next topic…

Fae love interest

Meaning a member of the fae who is attracted to or is in love with the main character. Hmm…

the incubus

So I just realized that I haven’t read many books where there are fae creatures that are romantically interested in another character. The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark is the only such book I’ve read in a while. It’s a paranormal romance about a woman who secures a job at a small college in upstate New York and learns that most of the staff is fae.

The protagonist, Callie, is also involved with an incubus, a male demon that has sex with sleeping women, that visits her every night. Th incubus fits this category. He definitely has the hots for Callie… And so does every other good-looking, single guy in the second book of the series, The Water Witch.

Now for this week’s topic…

Pet sidekick

A real or paranormal pet sidekick that loves the main character. I had to choose my favorite:


Nighteyes is a character from Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings series, an epic fantasy series made up of several trilogies, and is the pet sidekick of one of the main characters, FitzChivalry Farseer. Nighteyes first appears in the Farseer trilogy, which begins with Assassin’s Apprentice. He is a wolf and is the wit animal to Fitz.

In the series, the Wit is a type of magic that enables humans and animals to communicate and connect on a deeper level. Humans who are Witted, meaning they have the magic ability, are able to bond with an animal who may become their companion. Nighteyes is a companion to Fitz but is also a friend, a brother, and sometimes even a leader. I loved reading about their relationship and loved that Nighteyes can be viewed as a character separate from Fitz. My favorite thing about Nighteyes is his humor and how perceptive he is. He’s one of my favorite characters in the series.

Well, that’s it for me. Which characters would you choose for these topics?

17 thoughts on “I Heart Characters! #1: Warrior Woman Fae Love Pet Sidekick

  1. Oh this is a cool meme. I would choose Katsa from Graceling as the warrior woman, Ash from the Iron Fey series for fae love interest, and Mogget from the Abhorsen series for the pet sidekick.


  2. I have heard quite a bit about Robin Hobb but haven’t read any of her books yet. This one sounds good 🙂 And I absolutely adore Dani. I am participating in next week’s meme with the god/goddess you’d most like to have as a BFF 🙂


    1. Awesome! I’ll look out for your post. And yea, Dani’s blog is great. I just love how well she’s designed it.
      If you like fantasy novels, epecsially epic fantasy stories, then I recommend Hobb to you. Her stories are immersive and world building is so strong.


  3. There’s a pet sidekick in the Farseer Trilogy?? 😀

    If I had to pick characters for each of those categories, I would say… man, that first one is HARD, because there are so many to choose from! But I’ll go with my heart and say Alanna from Song of the Lioness is my choice for “Warrior Woman.” She knows she’s not good at everything, but she’s willing to learn, and she’s so selfless and brave. And then Pantalaimon from the Dark Materials books would be my pick for “Pet Sidekick.” Though maybe that’s cheating, because Pan changes form between all kinds of animals during the trilogy. *lol* But I love how he is a reflection of Lyra’s true self.

    “Fae Love Interest”… The only one I actually liked was Kiaran from Elizabeth May’s Falconer Trilogy. But I had issues with his character in the first book, so… that’s not a ringing endorsement, is it?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alanna came to mind too when I was working on this. She’s always my go-to warrior woman because I love her character and the series.
      OMG! I still need to read the Dark Materials book. I keep saying so but have yet to actually do it.
      I heard the Falconer books are pretty good.

      Thanks for stopping by Sara! 🙂 I hope all is well.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Dread Nation was awesome because of its kick-ass main character. I enjoyed reading it. Btw, I’m now reading Fool’s Fate and am so anxious about what might happen to the Fool because of his prediction about his fate. 😦


  4. LOVE YOUR ANSWERS Zezee!! The Whit is my favorite, of course… because I would want to be witted too! Actually I think I need to read this series now. I kid you not. Which book should I start with? And I LOVE Jane McKeene… I’ve been reading a lot of positive reviews for Dread Nation so may have to check that out now. And incubus are so fun! Thanks so much for participating and I love that you just combined them all into one post. Neat idea. ❤️


    1. The is Wit is a very interesting magic system and pretty cool too. Hobb’s books are great to get into, especially if you’re interested in epic fantasy. I suggest you start with Assassin’s Apprentice, the very first book. Hope you enjoy it.


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