I Heart Characters! #2: Shapeshifter God Neighbor

I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani at Perspective of a Writer to share our love of great characters. Each week Dani will assign a topic/type of character that we must find examples of in the various media we consume (books, TV shows, movies, comics, podcasts, etc.).

For now, it seems that my timing will always be off for this meme. Maybe in June I’ll get back on track and post according to the dates Dani has listed. Since I missed last week’s topic (I was on vacation and didn’t post anything) and will most likely be busy next week, I’ve decided to complete all the topics for May in this post.

Starting with last week’s topic:

Shapeshifter idol

A shifter character whose abilities and life I’d love to lead…

an animagus

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