I Heart Characters! #4: Grumpy Second in Command

I’m interrupting tag week to bring you… >> I Heart Characters!, a weekly meme hosted by Dani at Perspective of a Writer to share our love of great characters. Each week Dani assigns a topic/type of character that we must find examples of in the various media we consume (books, TV shows, movies, comics, podcasts, etc.).

I bulk together the topics, so here are my last two for the month.

Last week’s topic:

A grump with a heart of gold

Characters with rude or disgruntled personalities deserve love too… especially if they thaw towards the MC, eventually.

Burrich and Akeha

Burrich was the first character to come to mind. He serves as a father figure to the protagonist of Robin Hobb’s Assassin’s Apprentice, Fitzchivary, who was basically dumped on Burrich to be raised. Assassin’s Apprentice is the first novel in a fantasy trilogy about Fitz, the bastard son of prince, who becomes an apprentice to an assassin. Burrich isn’t the assassin. He’s the stablemaster, but he was a close friend of Fitz’s father and served as his guard, so Fitz’s dad told Burrich to raise him for reasons…you gotta read it to find out. It’s a great story. I loved it and Burrich is a great character too. He’s a hero and he almost made me cry in Fool’s Fate.

I also chose Akeha because he is a major grump. Akeha is the protagonist of J.Y. Yang’s The Black Tides of Heaven, a silkpunk fantasy novella about a pair of twins who are traded by their mother, the Protectorate (like the ruler of the country), to the Grand Monastry but when one of the twins developed prophetic powers, their mother tries to separate and steal back that twin. The Black Tides of Heaven is the first novella in a series and the story has a lot of political intrigue. I like the story and I like Akeha in this novella. He’s forever grumpy, it seems. I don’t recall seeing him smile. His only expressions, it seems, are grumpy, annoyed, angry, disgusted. Lol!

Though they both have bad attitudes, both Burrich and Akeha care deeply for the people they value in the life and will do anything for them.

This week’s topic:

The second in command

Leaders are charismatic but their right hands do all the grunt work… so they should get some of the glory!

Budroxifinicus, a.k.a Boo

Budroxifinicus is a secondary character in Copperhead, Vol. 1, a comic book series written by Jay Faerber and illustrated by Scott Godlewski with colors by Ron Riley. Copperhead is basically a sci-fi, western story set in outer space. The protagonist, Clara Bronson, is the new sheriff on a backwater planet and Budroxifinicus is her deputy. The story touches on a variety of topics such as colonization, exploitation, culture clashes, and immigration. Humans are the minority on this planet, but the sheriff is always a human. Budroxifinicus, as you can see above, is not. Budroxifinicus is a smart-ass and I love his little side comments that hint at the political tension on the planet/world. I chose him for this category because he deserves some spotlight too.

Also, he would fit the category above. Budroxifinicus is often grumpy. I don’t think I ever saw him crack a smile in this volume, but he’s a sweet dude too.

Let me know which characters would you choose for these topics.

6 thoughts on “I Heart Characters! #4: Grumpy Second in Command

  1. Budroxifinicus sounds so fun! I’m not sure about the western sci-fi mix as that isn’t my thing but graphic novels are so quick and have such stellar characters! I remember your review of The Black Tides of Heaven Zezee and I still want to give it a go! I love grumpy characters!! I’m not sure why they are so fun but they are… ❤️


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