I Heart Characters! #6: Anti-Establishment | Tsundere

I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani at Perspective of a Writer to share our love of great characters. Each week, Dani will assign a topic/type of character that we must find examples of in the various media we consume (books, TV shows, movies, comics, podcasts, etc.).

Last week’s topic:

Tsundere hot-n-cold lover

(A manga/anime term that refers to a character who is strong-willed but melts inside when faced with the ONE.)

Sanao Mokoya

Certainly Mokoya from J.Y. Yang’s Tensorate silkpunk fantasy series, especially in The Red Threads of Fortune, the second novella in the series. The series is about a set of twins — Akeha and Mokoya — who were born to the supreme Protector of their kingdom but were given away to the Grand Monastery as kids to settle a bargain. When it’s learned that Mokoya has prophetic powers, the Protector takes back her child so she can use Mokoya’s powers for her own means. The first novella, The Black Tides of Heaven, focuses on Akeha and The Red Threads of Fortune picks up after the events in first novella but focuses on Mokoya, who is grieving a loss.

In The Red Threads of Fortune, Mokoya has a bitter edge to her and isn’t very likable. Because the story is told from her perspective, we understand that she cares greatly for those around her, especially for brother and her husband and her love interest, but she is sometimes brusque and rude. As the story progresses, we realize that the rudeness is protect herself because she’s still grieving her loss.

This week’s topic:

Anti-establishment group of badasses

(A group of 3 or more characters that belong together as they fight the “good” fight… Good can be interpreted any way you like!)

illus. by Sir-Heartsalot

Brotherhood Without Banners a.k.a. Knights of the Hollow Hill

Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr’s band of outlaws in the Song of Ice & Fire series by George R.R. Martin was the first to come to mind when I saw this topic. I’m currently rereading A Storm of Swords and much of Arya’s chapters in that book are spent around these guys. They’re quite an interesting group, but I like that they look out for the small folk, who all get trampled when the lords fight.

Let me know which characters you would choose for these topics.

7 thoughts on “I Heart Characters! #6: Anti-Establishment | Tsundere

  1. I haven’t read the Song of Ice & Fire series yet but I do watch Game of Thrones on TV and I really like the Knights of Hollow Hill. I would love to read Arya’s chapters, she’s my favorite character in the show. I hope you enjoy the rest of the series 🙂 I chose the characters from Six of Crows as my anti-establishment group of badasses in my post!


    1. I’ve yet to read Six of Crows but I plan to. I have the book. I bought it because I like the design.
      I need to catch up with GOT episodes. I’m way behind on season 2, I think. Tyrion is my fav and also Dolorous Edd << dunno if they included him in the show.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You should! I’m reading Crooked Kingdom now and I love the duology so far, I’d highly recommend it! I think the regular edition looks great and I just bought the collector’s edition because it’s beautiful haha.

        Tyrion is my other favorite! He grew on me a lot as the seasons went on.


  2. Hey Zezee! I keep forgetting to read these novella… I do find the idea of the twins fascinating and Mokoya’s nature sounds intriguing. That like with brother, husband and love interest is fascinating too as shouldn’t her husband BE her love interest?! Hahaha I love though that these two keep coming to your mind, they obviously left their mark! ❤️

    Song of Ice and Fire never even entered my head for the group prompt! I LOVE it! And the fanart is so super cool! I love how they look like they actually could come from some medieval world.


    1. Oh you need to get on those books, girl! 🙂 I think you might like them. You’ll certainly love the cover design.

      Yea, that fanart is really good for the group.


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