Weekend Reads #89: Let’s Catch Up

Weekend Reads is a weekly post in which I discuss a variety of topics and mention the books I plan to read on the weekend.

I haven’t posted anything for this meme in almost 2 months and my blogging has been spotty for the past month, so I thought I’d do a Weekend Reads post to just catch up.

I took an unplanned sorta break for a few weeks. Things got crazy busy for me at work and then my personal life got stressful making it near impossible to rouse myself to blog or do much else other than stay home, read, and watch my favorite shows. Oh, and work. Can’t avoid going to work.

But I’m feeling much better now and am back on the blogging train. Can’t say that all the stressful things have been resolved, but I’m just happy to be feeling back to my old self again and able to hop back on here to post something without feeling a migraine threatening to overpower me.

I’m currently between books, so I’m not actively reading anything. I recently bought Robert Matheson’s I Am Legend and read a few pages of it because it was in my hand while I was bored on the train. It quickly hooked me, so I might continue with it. Same for Horrorstor by Grady Hendrix. And since my plan was to fit in some comics this summer, I think I’ll consider my summer tbr when looking for something else to read this weekend.

I read A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin every now and then when the mood strikes. At this rate, I think I’ll spend the entire year reading that book and will probably complete it in December. I’m enjoying it, but it’s not my main focus so I prioritize other books. I’ve attempted several times to continue with the Wheel of Times series, but I keep losing interest in the Lord of Chaos. It’s so boooring. I might actually have to give up on this series.

As for stuff I recently completed, I read Alyssa Cole’s A Duke by Default, a romance novel, that got me interested in Scottish guys who make swords. I enjoyed the story and spent a good bit of time on YouTube trying to hear that “Scottish burr” often mentioned in the story. And I most recently completed Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonflight, a fantasy novel, that I buddy-read with Sarah of Dragons & Zombies. I read it for the dragons and they were the best things about it.

Well, what have y’all been up to?

What have you been reading?

My plans for this weekend:

Watch old episodes of Charmed

Read some comics

Look at cute booties for the fall

Check out new hairstyles

Buy some books 🙂

9 thoughts on “Weekend Reads #89: Let’s Catch Up

  1. I’ve been meaning to pick up I Am Legend. I loved Horrorstor. Haha I don’t often read romance but I’ve seen a lot of Scottish themed ones lately and I kind of want to pick one up.


  2. Sorry to hear things have been so stressful for you! Hopefully stuff will get resolved soon. 🙂 Oh, I really like Alyssa Cole. I’ve only read An Extraordinary Union but it was fantastic.


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