I Heart Characters! #11: A Stylish, Scary Character

I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani at Perspective of a Writer to share our love of great characters. Each week, Dani will assign a topic/type of character that we must find examples of in the various media we consume (books, TV shows, movies, comics, podcasts, etc.).

October 4 topic:

A Character with Style 

Showcase the look you would want to emulate.

Serena van der Wooden (played by Blake Lively) from Gossip Girls

Y’all! 😀 I love this topic. I immediately thought of Serena from Gossip Girls. I was a huge fan of Gossip Girls back in the day and never missed an episode. I didn’t care so much for the drama, though it was entertaining; I watched the show for the fashion. That’s what I was most interested in.

I think of all the characters I’m familiar with from a variety of media, Serena’s style is the one I love the most and closely match when I dress up (re: make an attempt to dress up). Above are the two dresses I love the most from the show. The yellow floral, ruffled dress with the black bow and high waist belted with a black ribbon is my absolute favorite. It’s light and playful but the black makes it formal as well. I love it so much! I also love the sexy, sultry grey lacy dress. I love that it’s grey and not the cliched black lace dress. I love that the dress is short but has a long train in the back and a long lace train in the front to continue the pattern. I think it’s a great design. Let’s look at some more styles! 🙂

The first image — brown jacket, cute blouse, boots, huge scarf — is 100% my style and is what I rock all through autumn and cool spring months. The second image has my 2 favorite items — blazer & boots!! 😀 — and closely matches my office style (because thank gawd I don’t work for a company that requires business suits and such). And the third image — flowy pants paired with heels and funky jewelry — is what I love to rock in warm spring leading to summer months (when I make an effort to look decent).

Oh gosh! Now I feel like rewatching some Gossip Girl episodes. 🙂

October 11 topic:

A Truly Scary Character 

A character that scares you beyond reason! For whatever reason…

manipulative religious leaders

It took a while for me to think of an answer for this one, but I think religious leaders who manipulate people into doing horrendous things are scary individuals. They twist people’s beliefs and use their influence to achieve their own selfish goals. I chose to highlight Dan Brown’s Angels & Demons because such a thing occurs in it.


Mash up character type:

A Stylish, Scary Character

Tiffany from Bride of Chucky

This was a hard topic. I could easily think of stylish villains, but not a stylish, scary character. After some searching, I found Tiffany. I like her biker chick look, but moving dolls, especially moving dolls that often try to kill you, are scary, so she fits this bonus round.

Let me know which characters you would choose for these topics.

7 thoughts on “I Heart Characters! #11: A Stylish, Scary Character

  1. GAHHH!!! I love Blake Lively’s style I feel like her personal style was so informed due to her time as Serena. I totally remember all of those outfits and thought I totally watched for Chuck I loved Serena’s style so, so much. I agree about religious leaders who manipulate others. But your mash up character totally kills me!! That gif is so perfect, it made me gasp out loud!! 🎃


    1. Yea, it really seems so. While working on this post, I found an article that compared Lively’s personal style to that of Serena’s and they are the same/very close.
      Lol, I can see Chuck’s appeal. He and Blair were my favorite characters. I think they carried the show.
      Lol! Glad you like the post.


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