Stranger Things Book Tags

We have a few more days to go before Halloween arrives and to celebrate, I decided to do these two Stranger Things book tags I found. Stranger Things is a paranormal TV show on Netflix about a group kids trying to protect their new friend while trying to find out the cause of the weird occurrences in their town. It’s such an intriguing story, and the kids’ friendship and the setting makes me nostalgic for ’90s movies like The Sandlot and Little Rascals.

If you’d like to watch a show that fits the Halloween theme but isn’t scary, I recommend Stranger Things. The atmosphere of the show makes it perfect for Halloween: dark tones, foggy, creepy vibes, escaped patients from covert government facilities…. It also makes me think of X-Files. It’s a good story and will immediately grab your attention.

Stranger Things Book Tag

I found this on Life of a Female Bibliophile. It was created by booktuber Sarah Sunbeemz.

Epic Intro: The opening sequence of Stranger Things is amazing and really grabs your attention. Name a book that grabbed your attention from the first page.

Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen

Oh, I loved this book. It’s such a good read. It grabbed me from the first sentence and I blazed through it and completed it in a day. It’s about the estranged Waverley sisters who are reunited when one returns home with a child. The Waverley family are known about their small town for the plants they grow, which supposedly have magical, or interesting properties, such as an apple tree that bears fruit that can foretell the future once eaten. This was a fun read with delightful characters and descriptive prose that I love.

Dungeons & Dragons: Name a fantasy world you would like to experience yourself.

Harry Potter

Of course, my answer is Hogwarts, preferably before Harry Potter shows up and crazy shit start to happen.

Squad Goals: When Eleven met Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, it was a *mostly* perfect team. Name your favorite bookish group of friends.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares

A YA contemporary novel about a group of teenage girls who use a pair of jeans to keep in touch over the summer. I need to complete this series. I enjoy reading the novels. The story is fun, and I admire the friendship between the girls. I love how supportive they are of each other.

ABCs & Christmas Lights: Joyce Byers goes mad with grief after Will goes missing. Name your favorite mentally unhinged character.


I wouldn’t say his character is a favorite, but it’s interesting how his psyche devolves the more he tries to live up to the expectations imposed on him by society. I like how this deterioration manifests physically. In the book, we get illustrations that show how it affects the character mentally.

The Shape of Water is a movie by Guillermo del Toro that was later adapted into a novel that’s co-written by Daniel Kraus. It’s a historical romance about a woman who falls in love with an amphibious man.

The Upside Down: Name a book that was the opposite of what you expected.

Home and Away by Candice Montgomery

I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did. It’s a YA contemporary novel about a girl trying to learn more about her family and background. Tasia, the protagonist, plays on her school’s football team. One day after a game, she caught her mom trying to hide a mysterious box. When Tasia learns what is inside the box, it upends her life and what she thought she knew about herself and family.

The story was a quick read and I enjoyed it, which surprised me because stories filled with teenage angst often turn me off; but I love how this was structured and the writing in some places.

Mad Scientists: Dr. Brenner likes to get freaky with humanity. Name the freakiest dystopian government you can think of.

1984 by George Orwell

The classic novel about a man living under a government that constantly surveillance its people. I think this is the freakiest because it totally seems possible, especially these days.

Demogorgon: Name a scary bookish creature that you would not want to come through your walls.

the vampire-zombies from The Strain

Oh. My. Gawd! I dunno what I would do if the world was overrun by these vampire-zombie things that turns you into one of them when they feed on you or if a drop of their blood and icky worms get on you. Ugh! I don’t know what I would do. It would be seriously scary times.

Cliffhanger Ending: Name a book that left you wanting more.

Mother of the Sea by Zetta Elliott

A YA historical fiction, fantasy novelette about a girl who’s captured on the African continent to be taken across the Atlantic Sea to the Americas to work in slavery but leads a revolt on the slave ship. This story is very short. I’d love to get more story about the Yoruba deity who shows up.

Stranger Things 2 Book Tag

Oh man! Stranger Things, Season 2 did not disappoint. It was darker and creepier than the first and left me even more curious about the direction the story will go.

This tag was created by Breeny’s BooksThe Hermit Librarian, Tris’ Nook, and Flavia the Bibliophile.

Monstress, Vol. 1: Awakening by Marjorie Liu, illus. by Sana Takeda

Probably Monstress. I think its popularity has steadily increased since it first came out, and recently Liu was awarded the Eisner Award for Best Writer for the comic book series. She’s the first woman to receive the award.

Monstress is an epic fantasy comic book series about a young woman who has a monster inside her and is trying to learn more about who she is. The story is great and seems complex and I love it, and the art is so detailed and beautiful. It’s a great comic book series that I HIGHLY recommend.

(And great question for Barb! I liked her better in season 2.)

Malta Vestrit

Malta is a female character from Robin Hobb’s Liveship Traders books, a fantasy series about ships that come alive after a certain number of captains die on their deck. Oh man! Malta was so unlikeable when we first meet her in the story but as the story progresses and she matures, she became one of the best characters in the book.

(Steve and that baseball bat!)

Normal by Warren Ellis

A techno-thriller sent in present day at a mental institution for futurists, scientists and social scientists who think professionally about the future. This is one of the most interesting stories I’ve read. The end was a bit unexpected and, surprisingly, left me a little shaken.

(Jonathan stood out more to me in the first season.)


That’s Prince Aric from Nancy Springer’s YA fantasy novel The Oddling Prince, which is about a king who’s saved from a mysterious illness by an odd stranger who shows up in the nick of time and later claims to be his son. Aric is the king’s heir and quickly takes a liking to the stranger. Aric strikes me as very trusting despite all the scheming among the adults for the throne.

(Dustin!! He’s my fav. Can’t help but like him.)

Colleen Wing

Colleen Wing is from the Iron Fist TV show that was aired on Netflix — apparently, the show is cancelled. I’m bummed about that because I was hoping season 3 would be much better and would focus on Colleen instead of the stupid decisions Danny is forever making.

(Lucas grew on me by season 2. I love that he’s rocking the bandanna, making me think of Karate Kid.)

Durzo Blint

Durzo Blint is one of my favorite characters, despite how messed up he is. He’s an assassin who appears in Brent Weeks’s fantasy novel The Way of Shadows, which is about a boy training to become an assassin. Durzo is such a broody, prickly, sarcastic character. I want to learn more about him. My plan was to complete this trilogy by the end of the year, but that ain’t gonna happen. Maybe next year.

(Mike! 🙂 )

Wintrow Vestrit

A character from Robin Hobb’s Liveship Traders fantasy series. Ship of Magic is the first book. Wintrow gets so much development throughout this story. Considering how he was at the beginning of the series, I wouldn’t have expected him to be who he became by the end. Actually, all the characters in this series gain considerable character development.

(Will! He’s my other favorite character and boy did he scare me in this one.)


Fitz from Robin Hobb’s Farseer trilogy, which is about the bastard son of a king-to-be who becomes an apprentice to an assassin. Fitz goes through so much, he was even tortured! But these arduous experiences make him a stronger, and in some cases wiser, person.

(Eleven! 😀 She’s awesome.)

Zuko and Katara

Both are characters from the Avatar: the Last Airbender TV show and comic book series, which is about a boy who must train to be proficient in the five elemental magics in order to save his world. Zuko is a prince from the Fire Nation and Katara is from the Southern Water Tribe. They are opposites, but I love the tension between them and prefer them together.

(I’m all for Hopper Joyce. I expect it to happen.)

Horrorstör by Grady Hendrix

I wish there was a sequel to this story. I completed it wanting to know what happens to the protagonist on her next adventure in a story that store for kids merchandise. Horrorstör is a horror novel that’s set in a store similar to Ikea that is apparently haunted. It’s basically a haunted house story but in Ikea. It’s great. Read it.

Btw, I think of this book every time I go into a large store now.

(I’d forgotten about Bob.)

The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells

A classic sci-fi novel about an invisible man who terrorizes a town. I couldn’t think of an answer for this, so I chose The Invisible Man because I pity the titular character and felt sorry for him though he’d developed into a horrible person by the time we meet him.

(I don’t know what I think of Billy…maybe I forgot.)

I tag everyone!! 😀

And if you haven’t yet watched Stranger Things…. What are you waiting for?!


15 thoughts on “Stranger Things Book Tags

  1. I was surprised when I got through the first part and there was no Robin Hobb, hee hee. You made up for it in the second part. This made me want to read George Orwell again – read 1984 years ago and don’t remember much of it. You’re also the first person who has made me want to watch Stranger Things! Great tags!


    1. Lol! I was surprised too. I considered rereading 1984 once. I read it years ago for high school. I didn’t like it then and doubt I’d like it now, but the concept of the story has stayed with me.
      Yea, try Stranger Things. I think you’d like it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I need to marathon both the seasons. I wanted to do that during October so it’ll give me the spooky vibes but dear god, school took over my life and refused to let go. School is probably more scary than monsters from Upside Down so that’s nice.
    Ok but what you said about wanting to be in Hogwarts before Harry showed up? Lol YES. I just need some quiet years in Hogwarts, is that too much to ask smh @ universe.
    I love how you’ve chosen books that aren’t that well known for the tag. Goodreads, here I come. 😛
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 Well I hope some of the books here interested you. Totally know what you mean about busy with school. Hopefully you can marathon the show over the Thanksgiving holiday. You might get a rest from schoolwork then.
      Yea, quiet times at Hogwarts with Dumbledore as headmaster. That would be fun.


  3. Oh I really need to check out Stranger things- perhaps now’s a good time of year to try it 🙂 I love the friendship in sisterhood of the travelling pants. 1984 is definitely the freakiest example of dystopia. Monstress has definitely deserved its surge in popularity- I agree it’s totally beautiful. I really wish there was a sequel to Horrorstor too- it was so well done! awesome answers!


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