What’s on Your Nightstand: November & December 2018

What’s on Your Nightstand is a monthly meme hosted by 5 Minutes for Books on the last Tuesday of every month that summarizes what you’ve read for the month, what you’re currently reading, and what you plan to read next. For my posts, I also include articles, music, art, TV shows, and whatever else I did in the month.

Whew! Those two months flew by quickly and were filled with many ups and downs, which have already gotten me started on my New Year resolutions. November went by so fast that I can hardly remember what I did. Thanksgiving popped up and was a fun time spent with family before a headlong spin to Christmas, which wasn’t as magical as it usually is. (I even forgot to celebrate it on my blog. 😦 ) I didn’t feel the spirit of Christmas this year. Instead, it was just another regular day and not even a great one at that. I spent it exhausted and a little aggravated. Now I’m just ready for the new year to begin.

Anyway, on a positive note, I should be back to my regular unplanned and unscheduled but pretty consistent blogging. I’ve succumbed to using a schedule since I anticipate 2019 being similar to these 2 months, so I need to schedule stuff to get them done. I hope what I have in mind works.

I didn’t get much reading done and I failed the readathon I decided to enter, but here are the few books I managed to complete:

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