“Shadow’s Edge” by Brent Weeks

I love me an exciting assassin story filled with lots of fighting and hidden plots. It’s why I enjoy reading Brent Weeks’s Night Angel trilogy. Well, the main reason is friggin DURZO badass BLINT!! But I also like the fights and the other stuff that happens. Despite how dark the story is and how sordid the lives of the characters are (it’s a depressing world to me), these books are very entertaining to me because I read for the fight scenes — the Night Angel fight scenes.




Night Angel, book 2



Goodreads summary:

Kylar Stern has rejected the assassin’s life. The Godking’s successful coup has left Kylar’s master, Durzo, and his best friend, Logan, dead. He is starting over: new city, new friends, and new profession.

But when he learns that Logan might actually be alive and in hiding, Kylar is faced with an agonizing choice: will he give up the way of shadows forever and live in peace with his new family, or will he risk everything by taking on the ultimate hit? (Goodreads)

My thoughts: (some spoilers)

This installment made me like Kylar. I didn’t like him much in the first novel, The Way of Shadows, mostly because DURZO BLINT overshadowed him as my favorite but also because Kylar was very whiney in that book. I like his sarcasm in this one. It made me think fond thoughts of Durzo (lol!).

I also liked that Kylar’s badassery increased in this book. I love the whole Night Angel avatar that overcomes him when his ka’kari is fully activated. Every time I read of that happening, I think of the moment when Venom overtakes Eddie Brock. Actually, I kept imagining Kylar’s Night Angel avatar as Venom (because I didn’t know what else to imagine it as).

Though I started to like Kylar in this, I got so annoyed at how easily he is distracted by a pair of tits. I didn’t realize how many times Kylar’s and other men’s attention are snagged on a pair of big breasts until I read the first book and this one back to back. It’s ridiculous.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this installment mostly for the fight scenes, the Night Angel avatar thing, the visit with the weird Wolf guy on the throne, and the cryptic message Kylar receives at Durzo’s grave which made me super excited to start on the third book!! 😀 (**squeals**) However, some parts were pure torture to read.

Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but some parts bored and frustrated me and those parts were all the chapters where Kylar and Elene acted as husband and wife. OMG! BORING!!! I probably wouldn’t have minded it much if I believed their relationship, but I thought it so contrived. They don’t seem natural together. I think their experiences in the Warrens, what they meant to each other then, and what they imagine each other to be has placed a film over their perception of each other that makes them unable to truly see who the person they claim to love is. It just seems like a false relationship to me, as false as they are pretending to be because neither one is being truthful with the other. I struggled to read those parts and was glad (sorry Kylar) when the two went separate ways and Elene didn’t get Kylar’s wedding earring.

But boy was I surprised at who ended up with that shit! Wooo!! These little twists made the story a fun read for me. Another exciting part was the return of Logan. I wonder what will become of him because his time in the Maw was a life-changing experience. Though he held onto his humanity throughout that dire circumstance, I wonder to what extent that experience has changed him and in what ways. We catch some glimpses when he led his people into battle, but because of how dark this story is, I kinda expect that we will receive a darker Logan. (It’s almost as if his bright innocence in the first book couldn’t be allowed so horrible things befell him AND he was thrown in the Maw to further snuff out the innocence. Smh. Poor Lo Lo.)

Dorian & Co. (i.e. Dorian, Solon, and Feir) are also my favorites after DURZO BLINT, but I didn’t get as much about them as I wanted in this book. So here I am. Still curious about them and still have loads of questions about their future. Btw, I wonder what exactly Khali is. Is she really a goddess or is she a fallen angel (as Dorian said, which would then mean the One God is real…maybe) or a monster or a really powerful artefact of some kind? She’s obviously the cause of the Khalidorans being so evil (I think) and since they are called Khalidorans, I wonder if there ever was a time when the Khalidorans were without Khali and the vürd and if the name of the people and the land was different then.

Anyway, that’s one of many things I’m curious about including what will become of Vi (she’s such a badass 😊 ), what’s this Society of the Second Dawn, and who the hell is Sister Ariel and the Chantry?! I need to know more. I was so intrigued because she and the Chantry made me think of Aes Sedai and the White Tower from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time books. I’d also like to know what happened to Jarl because I refuse to believe what happened really happened. I expect him to be in the next book. (I was so angry and surprised. Oh Jarl!)

Overall: ★★★☆☆

It’s still an entertaining fantasy story. It’s dark, it’s grim, and almost all the characters are horrible humans but I like the fight scenes and the sarcasm of some characters adds some levity. It’s a thick book but a quick read.

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I didn’t bother talking about the God King because he’s a horrible person (Ugh!). Just disgusting!

7 thoughts on ““Shadow’s Edge” by Brent Weeks

  1. This is a series I started and DNF the first book. Something about it just made me casually lose interest at the time. I feel like I still want to go back to it at some point but have so many other books to read right now.

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    1. I can understand that. The first couple chapters didn’t hook me actually. I just kept reading and eventually started liking it the more time the protagonist spent with DURZO BLINT!! 😀

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