I Heart Characters! #16: A Minor Character OTP Hook Up

I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani at Perspective of a Writer to share our love of great characters. Each week, Dani assigns a topic/type of character that we must find examples of in the various media we consume (books, TV shows, movies, comics, podcasts, etc.).

Since I often skip a week (or two), I mash the character types Dani assigns into one to create a bonus character type that I include at the end of the post. The title of my post indicates the bonus character type I’ll feature at the end. But for now, here are the topics Dani assigned.

February 14 topic:

A Minor Character Romance

There is that character that is off to the side … how should their romance go? Is it with a character in the same story world or a cross-over romance? You get to decide all the details … how do they meet? Is it love at first sight or does it entail an adventure?

Queen Kettricken & Peottre Blackwater

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