O.W.L. Magical Readathon | 2019

I’ve decided to participate in one of the most creative and fun readathons I’ve ever seen — the Magical Readathon created by booktuber, the Book Roast.

I love and appreciate the amount of work and detail that went into creating it. The readathon is inspired by the Harry Potter books and is separated into two parts that are based on the wizarding exams mentioned in the books:

O.W.Ls (Ordinary Wizarding Levels), which take place April 1-30, and N.E.W.Ts (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests), which are held August 1-31.

Those who participate in this readathon aim for a wizarding career (auror, herbologist, Hogwarts professor, etc.), which are outlined in a career guide. Like Harry, Ron, and Hermione, we’ll all take O.W.L.s and then N.E.W.T.s and must past them to be qualified for the wizarding career of our choice.

I won’t go into more details than that, but this is a fun readathon to participate in whether or not you are a Harry Potter fan. I urge you to join in. You can learn more about the readathon here.

I’ve decided to aim for a career as an


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