I Heart Characters! #17: A Female DRAGON

I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani at Perspective of a Writer to share our love of great characters. Each week, Dani assigns a topic/type of character that we must find examples of in the various media we consume (books, TV shows, movies, comics, podcasts, etc.).

Since I often skip a week (or two), I mash the character types Dani assigns into one to create a bonus character type that I include at the end of the post. The title of my post indicates the bonus character type I’ll feature at the end. But for now, here are the topics Dani assigned.

March 14 topic:

A Woman You Want to Be

Literally any female character that you want to become. Just slip right into their life and take over! It can be for whatever reason, revenge, the world, her personality or loves, whatever!

Atomic Blonde

No, I don’t want to be a White woman with blond hair and blue eyes. I want to be a kick-ass female spy, at least for a day or a few hours. I couldn’t quickly think of a Black kick-ass female spy, which is unfortunate. The two who quickly came to mind when I thought of this were Atomic Blonde (loved the movie) and Velvet, a comic book series I enjoy.

I love spy movies with lots of action and that’s what Atomic Blonde was. I like that the protagonist is presented as tough and possibly duplicitous, and I love that we get to see all the scars and bruises she has from the fights; they make it as real as possible.

Here’s another gif because boots!!

March 21 topic:

A Grief-filled Girl

Women are always the one left holding everything together! Choose a character who has had their fill of pain, loss or struggle. Tell us why they moved you!

Moaning Myrtle

She’s one of my favorite characters from the Harry Potter books. I enjoy reading her parts; she cracks me up all the time. Here’s one of my favorite Moaning Myrtle quotes:

“Nobody missed me even when I was alive. Took them hours and hours to find my body – I know, I was sitting there waiting for them.”

That’s not exactly funny, but it makes me laugh whenever I read it because it seems she just sat there sulking and timing people to see how long it would take them to realize she’s dead. Then she haunted the person who found her (Olive somebody, I think) to make sure she doesn’t forget. Lol!

March 28 topic:

A Female Slytherin Character

(A female the sorting hat would pick according to Salazar Slytherin’s most valued characteristics: cunning, resourcefulness, and ambition. Remember she can also be, but doesn’t have to be, a pure-blood elitist!)

Dr. Caldwell from The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey

In my review of this book, I mentioned sorting the characters into Hogwarts houses as I read — I couldn’t help myself. I chose Slytherin for Dr. Caldwell though she has the brains to belong to Ravenclaw. One essential characteristic of Slytherins, according to Phineas Nigellus Black, is that they prefer to save themselves, or “their own necks,” which I think he said. Dr. Caldwell much preferred to save herself or her research than ensuring anyone else’s well being, so Slytherin for her. I think she would be a pure-blood purist too.

April 11 topic:

Best Female From All the Hyped Books

(Choose a woman from all the hyped books you’ve read that deserves the award of all awards! Tell us why she’s a woman above all women… what is it about her that is so wowing?)

Jane McKeene

She’s the first to come to mind, so I choose her. Jane is a bad-ass. She’s fierce, smart, independent, and a fighter. She’s very adept at taking out zombies. If I was stuck back in those post-Civil War days and needed a body guard because the zombie apocalypse came years earlier than we thought, I’d want Jane at my side to protect me. Can’t wait for the next book, by the way.


Mash-up character type:

Umm… so these prompts were hard to mash together and when I did, I couldn’t think of a character who would fit:

Best Grief-filled Female Slytherin Character from All the Hyped Books Who I’d Want to Be

If you can think of such a character, please let me know below. Instead I’m going to feature:

A Female Dragon


Can you tell that this was just an excuse to include a Robin Hobb book? 😉 Lol!

Tintaglia is one of my favorite dragon characters. She beautiful, majestic, and regal. She was the last of her kind, but she gave almost everything she had to change that and to bring back dragons to her world. And she cares for her humans and shows that she cares. I enjoyed reading about Tintaglia and I hope she makes an appearance in the Hobb books I’m currently reading.

That’s it for now.

Let me know what your choices for these prompts are.


6 thoughts on “I Heart Characters! #17: A Female DRAGON

  1. Atomic Blonde!! IT is really sad that only white characters come up when you think of a kickass spy girl… Moaning Myrtle is such a perfect choice… But I was really fascinated with Dr. Caldwell from The Girl With All the Gifts. I sooo want to read that and it does make sense that Slytherin want to save their own skins. Of course, I know and love Jane! I was kind looking forward to this smashup and was so excited to see it was a dragon! Hahaha oh well, it was kind of ridiculous to think there was a character out there that matches.. Best Grief-filled Female Slytherin Character from All the Hyped Books Who I’d Want to Be… ❤


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