Weekend Reads #93: Week 2 — O.W.L. Progress Report

Weekend Reads is a weekly post in which I discuss a variety of topics and mention the books I plan to read on the weekend. However instead of a topic, I’ll instead share with you my progress on my O.W.L.s (Ordinary Wizarding Levels).

The O.W.L. Magical Readathon is in session. It began on April 1st and I’m sharing my weekly reading progress reports as I work toward becoming an Aurologist — someone who reads and studies auras.

I was doing well until last week when I took a road trip and forgot to carry the books I intended to read. Has that ever happened to you? I was close to finishing one book and, not wanting to be on a trip without a book, I packed a few others that I thought would would interest me and would apply to this reading challenge.

I threw in my bag Bram Stoker’s Dracula, which I’ve been reading on and off since last year. It’s slow reading. Though some parts interest me because of the tension and gothic atmosphere of certain scenes, the majority of the story so far has been boring, so I take long breaks from the book. I would DNF it, but I have my mind intent on completing the book. I enjoy reading horror stories about vampires and other parasitic monsters that hunt humans, so I’d like to finally complete this classic that has inspired such stories. So yeah, that’s why it was in my bag for this trip. I could only read a few paragraphs at a time because I tended to start snoozing after every third paragraph.

One of the prompts for this readathon is to read a sequel. Since I was going on the little road trip, I planned to deviate a bit from my TBR and instead read a book from Tamora Pierce’s Immortals series Emperor Mage. I’m rereading the series and it was the book I was to read next but somehow, I convinced myself that the book I should carry is Wild Magic, the first book in the series, so I received an unpleasant surprise once I completed Middle Passage and looked in my suitcase for something new to start. 😦 I was so frustrated with myself because I could have started and completed Emperor Mage on my trip home. I really wanted to have at least 2 novels completed for this readathon. Oh, well.

At least I completed one book last week for the readathon. Charles Johnson’s Middle Passage was a journey into the past. It introduced me to Rutherford “Illinois” Calhoun, a freed slave living in New Orleans who loves the high life and living on the edge, and through Rutherford it carried me aboard a slave ship on a journey across the Atlantic to pick up a peculiar African tribe, the Allmuseri. The story was not at all what I expected it to be and it’s amazing how much is packed into its 200 pages. It was a wild, crazy, exciting, horrific read that made me want to try more of Johnson’s work.

What I’m currently reading:

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