Top 5 Tuesday #6: Top 5 “Main Males” from the Marvel Universe

Hey y’all! It’s been a while because life got busy, so I stopped posting or keeping up with other blogs for a few days.

BUT I’m back now!

And I’ll jumpstart things with this Top 5 Tuesday post in which I’ll also announce the winner of my #WyrdandWonder GIVEAWAY!!

The winner was LISA from DEAR GEEK PLACE!!! 😀


She received a purchase of two fantasy books from Book Depository. 😀

I’ve enjoyed posting about the variety of topics for Top 5 Tuesday, which is a weekly meme hosted by Shanah, the Bionic Book Worm.

This week’s topic:

top 5 “main males”

I don’t want to talk about books, and since I finally got around to watching Captain Marvel, the characters of the Marvel movie universe are still on my mind. So I decided to feature my top 5 men of the Marvel universe. I like them all, but I’ll list them in order of who I like the most.


Oh my gosh! Thor is my absolute fav. And, no, it’s not because he’s sexy and fine as hell. (Well, not only for that reason.) I actually prefer his story arc and like what becomes of him in Avengers: Endgame. Of all the characters, I find him and Iron Man to be the most realistic in how they’ve reacted to the crazy shit that happened to them, their friends and family.

I’ve always liked Thor, but I didn’t become a fan until the first Avengers movie. I like his personality and loved that the story explores his lighter, comedic side as the story progresses. I love how this character plays off Loki, the Hulk, and the Star-Lord dude. Infinity War was my favorite of his stories. I think Thor gains more complexity there, and I love how much more powerful and lit up he gets in Ragnarok. Hmm…now I feel like rewatching the movies. But in the meantime, here’s more THOR!!!

I got chills at this scene. You know he means business (although Thor with all his power, Iron Man with all his gadgets, and Captain America with all his strength still couldn’t take down my next dude).


Oh man! Thanos is one of my favorite villains. I love his character and how he’s subtly introduced in the stories because we don’t know of him until a couple movies later when we learn of his influence and even then we aren’t fully introduced to the character. It makes us realize that he is a major threat and how widespread his influence is and how powerful he is.

Part of the reason why I like Thanos is because he is complex. He’s not just an evil villain who sits around plotting and laughs maniacally when he wins. He has control. He is deliberate and, yes, selfish, domineering, and manipulative. But despite all that, I like his character. And I love how Infinity War ends with Thanos seemingly content and at peace, retiring on a stone porch on a deserted planet after having achieved his goal. It’s obvious that he thinks he has done good for the universe.

Another reason why I like this character: No one can defeat him (kinda). He is strong. He is relentless. He is inevitable. (Lol!) Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America, three of the strongest Avengers, all ganged up on him at the same damn time and all got their asses beat by Thanos, who then went off on a monologue without heaving from exhaustion. I was like, “Yo, he’s a badass. That’s my dude,” to my friend. Thanos is one of the best characters in the Marvel movie universe.

Iron Man

It’s hard not to like Iron Man. For me, he’s the first Avenger because he kept me hooked and invested in the shows until the first Avengers movie, when I got interested in the story itself. I just love Iron Man’s personality (although he can be annoying) and Robert Downey, Jr. does a great job portraying the character. It’s hard to look at the actor now and not just think he’s Iron Man.

My favorite Iron Man moments are those when he’s paired with Spider-Man. They made me laugh and a few made me shed a tear. Those moments add depth to Iron Man and show a side of the character that even he didn’t know he had. I love how those two play off each other. (Am here wishing for the impossible in future movies.)


Who doesn’t like the Hulk? He’s one of the best. Bruce Banner is okay too, but the Hulk is the star. I prefer the Hulk when he was angry and unpredictable. The new one kind of weirds me out, lol, but I like that the movies’ creators went there. It shows development in the character because I wondered what would become of the Hulk after he was done sulking.

As I’ve said before, I love it when the Hulk is paired with Thor. Those scenes were fun. I also like it when Banner is paired with Iron Man. I like their interactions. And my favorite Hulk scene is when he beats the crap outta Loki. Lol! I’ll never get tired of watching that scene.


Because of Tom Holland’s portrayal of the character, I’ve started to like Spider-Man. Holland plays the character well, and I love how young Spider-Man is in contrast to all the other superheroes. He adds levity and lightens the cast of characters with his youthfulness. I just love how amazed Spider-Man is about all the crazy crap that’s happening. All the other characters are too serious about it, which makes sense, but it’s nice and fun to see some amazement expressed about all that’s happening.

I also love Spider-Man as Miles Morales. I didn’t expect to like the animated movie as much as I did, but it was fun. I’m hooked and am a fan of both Miles and Peter.

So that’s it for me. Share your thoughts about the Marvel movies and characters below. 🙂

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