“Fool’s Quest” by Robin Hobb

We’re nearing the end, Emily of Embuhlee liest and I. We have just one more book to go before we complete the Robin Hobb’s Realm of the Elderlings series, which we’ve been reading for maybe three years now (more or less). What will we do with ourselves after that final book?!




Fitz and the Fool, book 2
Realm of the Elderlings, book 15


August 2015

Goodreads summary:

After nearly killing his oldest friend, the Fool, and finding his daughter stolen away by those who were once targeting the Fool, FitzChivarly Farseer is out for blood. And who better to wreak havoc than a highly trained and deadly former royal assassin? Fitz might have let his skills go fallow over his years of peace, but such things, once learned, are not so easily forgotten. And nothing is more dangerous than a man who has nothing left to lose… (Goodreads)

My thoughts: (spoilers)

Oh my gosh! So much happens that I don’t know where to begin. I mean… Oh my gosh! I can’t believe the next book is the final one. The end. How can it all end in that one book? I wonder what’s going to happen next because this one ended on a bit of a cliffhanger.

This was another good read, although I thought the plot sometimes took too long to progress in certain areas. It was also frustrating when characters would intentionally (it seems) avoid necessary information they could get by simply talking to and actually listening to each other. Like when Fitz and the Fool are talking about Bee’s kidnapping and the “forgotten son” that the Fool was holding for a second.

But despite such annoyances, I enjoyed the book and can’t wait to get stuck in the next one. Here’s what I thought of the characters.


Still kidnapped. Still trying to figure out what’s going on and why the weird people think she’s the Shayshim (or however that’s spelt).

I feel so sorry for little Bee. She’s a brave soul and I cheered her on when she managed to get Shun to escape the false prophet people, but I’m so worried y’all! Suppose the false prophet people turn Bee into a false prophet? Will Fitz and the Fool get to the White Island in time to save her? Will Fitz be united with his Bee again? I have a bad feeling that Fitz is going to die in the next book (my tears are already threatening to fall) 😥 and never see his Bee one last time. I just need to know what will become of her.

Btw, Bee is obviously a White, but who’s her Catalyst? I wondered if it was Shun but because Perservance was the only person from Withywoods who wasn’t brainwashed and he’s so intent on getting Bee her horse and all, I think he might be her Catalyst.


O.M.G! Kettricken knowing about the Verity-Fitz body switch was the biggest reveal for me in this book. I was like 😮 YOU KNEW??!! Btw, I think there’s some attraction between Kettricken and Fitz. I mean, something could totally happen there. (I ship them. 😊 )


Does Dutiful know about the Verity-Fitz body switch? 😮 Will he find out?


Chade and his secrets. Man! I no longer think he’ll turn out to be evil and more manipulative than he already is because his mind is now addled after travelling the Skill Stones. My theory there is that because he was hurt that one time and Fitz was trying to keep him together, Fitz absorbed some of Chade’s Skill and essence into himself, which left Chade weak and addled.

And because Chade is weak, Lady Rosemary is making a power move. I don’t trust Rosemary at all. I got suspicious of her because of how she treats Spark/Ash. Something fishy is going on with her. Anyway, Buckeep needs a new Chade. Chade was hoping Fitz would take his place, but Fitz hates such work (and I’m sure he’s going to die), so I think it’s Kettricken who’s going to take up that mantle. I think she’ll surprise us and do that.

Btw, Fitz annoys me when it comes to Chade. It’s so obvious that Chade loves him as a son and that Fitz is somewhat aware of this yet Fitz keeps denying it. Ugh! Fitzy!

The Fool

I’m so sad about what happened to him. 😥 I miss the Fool of the Lord Golden days. Seeing the Fool so broken was heartrending. I can’t imagine what he must have been through on Clerres. But I wonder what will happen to him now that he has dragon blood in his system. So far, the reaction is positive, but will it always be so. A dragon is needed to guide the changes. Will he become an Elderling? Will he die (when Fitz dies…because I think that’s really going to happen…I will prepare myself)? Will he get back his eyesight? 😮 Will he bond with a dragon?? (I guess that’s the same as becoming an Elderling, hmm…)

The revelation that he’s one of Bee’s fathers, that he shared in her genetic makeup, should have been shocking, but Emily and I suspected that from the first book. So, yeah, Kettricken knowing about the Verity-Fitz body switch was the big reveal for me.

Lol, I think the Fool’s alias as Mage Grey (when he finally started moving about Buckkeep) was funny and pretty cool. Imagine, the Fool as a wizard! I think that could work.


Finally, Fitz. My favorite character…who will probably die in the next book. I’ll probably cry or at least shed two tears. One will be for the Fool because I don’t think one can live while the other is dead.

Reading this book was equal parts exciting and frustrating and it was all because of Fitz. He can be so wool-headed sometimes and dense and willingly blind and ignorant. Ugh! But when he’s on form, the dude is a total badass. My favorite Fitzy moments:

  • Any time that he’s fighting or using his assassin skills to find Bee.
  • When he was acknowledged for his service to the realm and accepted as Prince and finally welcomed by most at court and revered for all he’s done. That part was so well written. I love the lead up to it: someone (forgot who) calling for a particular song, Starling stepping forward to sing of Fitz’s adventures, the reveal that Fitz the hero was in the crowd, the acknowledgement. Oh… It was so sweet, well deserved, and long overdue. (That’s when I knew Fitz would die in the next book because shit always happens to Fitz when things start going good. Plus, Robin Hobb always does something that makes me go NOOOO…. or WHY…. or WAH…..)
  • When he was all jealous of Lant and vying for Chade’s favor without acknowledging it, lol.
  • Time spent with Kettricken.
  • Time spent with Perserverance and Riddle. I like how those two characters interact with Fitz.
  • When he healed Phron. I loved that scene. I read it twice. That and the moment when he’s acknowledged by the realm are my favs. However, I worry what’s going to happen next. He wasn’t in a good spot when this book ended. I think he pissed some dragons off, but (although he’ll probably die) I do hope he’ll still bond a dragon because I really want that.
  • I know I keep mentioning that he’ll probably die in the next book, but I really don’t want him to die because he’s my Fitzy. I don’t want him to go.

Anyway, I’ll just see what’ll happen in the next book.

Overall: ★★★☆☆ ½

There are some annoying things, but it’s mostly still good. On to the next one.

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Quotes from the book:

“…while the jester makes others laugh, he seldom betrays his own amusement.”

“Sorrow and loss never die. We can put them away in a chest and lock it tight, but whenever it is opened, even a crack, the aroma of lost sweetness will rise to fill our lungs to heaviness.”

12 thoughts on ““Fool’s Quest” by Robin Hobb

  1. Oh man, you’re spot on. This book was the one that heralded for me so loudly and clearly the approaching end of things. And I so much didn’t want them to end! But after reading the final installment (and I did cry, believe me) I was really satisfied with the ending. I’m very curious what you’ll think of the Assassin’s Fate!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh man! Oh man! I think I’ll end up shedding a tear too. I just started the last one and it has me so anxious already. Usually when I feel like this (often happens when I read mysteries/thrillers), I’ll read the end just to set my mind at ease, but I’m gonna refrain from doing that. I don’t want to know what happens until I get there. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great review! Love your perseverance with this universe, even with the issues you run into here and then with every book/trilogy. Do you have a favourite book/trilogy by Hobbs? Is the first book (Assassin’s Apprentice) a classic or do we end up loving Hobbs only after we read more of her books? 😮

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! I’m so excited and anxious about reading the final book now. It’s already off to a great start that has me on edge though.
      My fav is the Golden Fool (the second in the Tawney Man trilogy) because of all that happens to Fitz in it and how the Fool is in it. 🙂
      Well, the first book isn’t the best and most people struggle with it because the pace is slow and Hobb takes her time building the world and characters. I actually gave up on the first book after a few pages the first time I tried it, but I’m glad I stuck with the series. It’s paid off for me. Hope you get to try it too.

      Liked by 1 person

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