Friday Face-Off: Autumn Colors

Friday Face-Off is a weekly meme that compares book covers to decide which is best. It was created by Books by Proxy and is now continued by Lynn’s Book Blog.

This week’s theme:

“Warm September brings the fruit”

A cover that is seasonal for autumn/fall

This week’s theme reminds me of one of my BBC (Beautiful Book Covers) posts, where I selected a few covers that made me think of autumn. I chose from that selection for this post. I chose the book whose U.S. cover contains almost all the colors of autumn — Euphoria by Lily King.

I’ve never read Euphoria, so I have no idea what it’s about. But apparently, it’s inspired by true events and is about a woman who “changed the way we understand the world,” and there are some anthropology bits in it.

Let’s first compare the U.S. and U.K. covers.


Because I featured the U.S. cover in my BBC post and did a bit of research for it (and am too lazy to do any research now), I know more about the U.S. cover than the U.K. one. The colors of the U.S. cover immediately attract my eyes. They are stunning in how they blend into each other, and I love the texture that we see on the cover as well. At first, I thought the cover’s photo was of a painting, maybe thick oil paints slowly dripping down a canvas yet to dry. But after a bit of research, I learned that the cover is actually a close-up photo of a rainbow eucalyptus tree that’s common to Papua New Guinea.

From my BBC post:

“According to this blog post on Pan Macmillan’s website, when the tree sheds its outer bark, it leaves a bright green inner bark that darkens to the beautiful colored bark with its blues, purples, oranges, and maroons (like on the book’s cover). I think it’s beautiful and amazing and shows how much of an artist nature is.”

I do not know anything about the U.K. cover and do not feel like looking it up at the moment. However, I think the vibrant red of the parrot’s feathers pairs well with the cool teal background. It’s a simple design that works well, but I know, for me, it wouldn’t be enough to make me curious about the book. I think it’s interesting that both covers use a script font for the title. I wonder why that is. Anyway, here’s my


Of course, it’s the U.S. cover. I love the colors. I’ve seen the book a few times at bookstores and every time I’m tempted to purchase it because of the cover and its colors.

These are the colors of autumn. They make me think of autumn’s beginning when the leaves are turning. Sometimes when driving through the woods, I’d see trees stretching for miles in a variety of robust colors that dazzle me.

I came across these covers for the translated editions of the book:


30 thoughts on “Friday Face-Off: Autumn Colors

  1. This story inspired by the anthropologist Margaret mead , I read on google. Where have I heard this name I thought , ” I’m sure I have one of her books” and sure enough I do. It’s her autobiography blackberry winter . I think it was the title that lured me into buying this ex library book rather than any especial interest in the subject. And “autobiography ” is probably why it’s still as yet unread , (I usually find books written closer to the actual events preferable) but I was a needing something new to read , so I guess now is it’s time!
    And so far it’s quite interesting.

    Yes ! Those color’s of the us edition of euphoria are nice (they remind me of the colors of those parrots that were here through winter (just one now, that calls in)
    The Russian cover seems to fit the anthropology tag well , but not having read euphoria that is hard to tell.

    Maybe it’s my phone but the Canadian and Australian cover’s and text are out of view.


    1. Oh cool. Do you know what kind of parrots they were?
      It’s the phone. When I tried it on mine, it wouldn’t show them either. I don’t know why that is because it worked fine before on other posts like this.


      1. Yes yes yes , I would have hollered , I would have said !!
        That’s the first time I have noticed anything like this on your blog , just a temporary glitch maybe.

        The parrots are called kea , and make the most beautiful sounds as well as their striking colors.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Lol!
          I hope it is a temporary glitch.

          Those parrots are cute! But I see some videos when I googled them that makes them seem mischievous.


  2. I love both the US and Bulgarian covers, but I also rather love the Russian cover – however, it all depends on what the book is about. If it isn’t a dark YA fairytale of some description, then it has to be the US offering. Though I don’t think there’s a bad cover, here:). Great choice, Zezee!


  3. I DID read Euphoria and I liked it quite a bit. The Russian cover – to me – doesn’t in any way represent the story. My top faves from your post are the U.S., Canadian, and Bulgarian covers. I like the fluid font used for the title, “Euphoria” on the U.S. and U.K. covers Its interesting to think about how these different visual interpretations might appeal to and “sell” a book in different places around the world….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is interesting. I wonder what potential readers in Russia and even elsewhere think the book is about based on the cover. Being so tuned in to book culture and having seen so many YA novels, I immediately think YA dark fairytale fantasy. But I wonder what someone else who isn’t so into books would think of it.


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