Comics Roundup #32: “Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur” and “Moonstruck, Vol. 1”

Aww man. Comics Roundup #32 features two comics that were disappointments for me. I really thought I would love them both, but they left me feeling bored. The upside, though, is that I really love the art and characters in one of them, which made me enjoy it a little.

I read both of these for the NEWTs Magical Readathon.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Vol. 1: BFF by Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder, illus. by Natacha Bustos with colors by Tamra Bonvillain


YA sci-fi


Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur, volume 1


November 2015

Quick summary:

This is the first volume of a comic book based in the Marvel universe. It’s about Lunella Lafayette, a preteen genius who’s bored at school because she’s preoccupied with worrying about her latent inhuman gene. She befriends a dinosaur who was sent through time to protect an orb that Lunella calls an Omni-Wave Projector from prehistoric savages. The two get up to crazy shenanigans to get and protect the orb all while wreaking havoc on the city in their attempts to do so. (Goodreads)

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