Top 5 Tuesday #19: Fav Audiobooks

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Shanah, the Bionic Book Worm.

This week’s topic:

Top 5 favorite audiobooks

I really like this week’s topic. I’ve come a long way with audiobooks. It’s a format that took a while for me to get used to because of how I read and learn. I’m a visual learner, so physical books and e-books work best for me. I’m better able to remember what I read in those formats and, whenever I drift off into a daydream about the story, it’s easier to locate where I stopped reading.

It’s not the same with audiobooks. Learning by only listening is hard for me because I’m easily distracted by something else (or am thinking of something else, most often daydreaming…about something else). That’s why I slowly introduced myself to this format. I started first with books I’ve read numerous times — the Harry Potter books — so it wouldn’t matter if I missed something while listening because I knew the story so well. I gradually moved on to books I’ve never reread before trying books I’d never read before. I realized that fast-paced mystery and thriller audiobooks held my attention best, but I have to work harder to pay attention when listening to detailed books such as autobiographies and other nonfiction.

Audiobooks aren’t my favorite format, but they are useful. They allow you to read a book faster and are great for when you’re doing dull tasks at work or home. Here are my 5 favs.

the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling, narr. by Jim Dale

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