Comics Roundup #34: Tea Dragon Society, Monstress, & the Fullmetal Alchemist

And I’m back with another set of mini reviews. I might consider making this a thing.

This set contains two graphic novels, a comic book, and one manga, and all are great. I consider them all favorites and look forward to continuing with the stories.

The two graphic novels center on two of my favorite things: tea and dragons. The comic book is the third volume in one of my favorite series, and the manga is a collection of volumes of one of my favorite stories. Reading these were a treat and hopefully I’ll convince you all to try them too.

The Tea Dragon Society and The Tea Dragon Festival by Katie O’Neill (illus.)


MG Fantasy


Tea Dragon, book 1
Tea Dragon, book 2


October 2017
September 2019

Quick summary:

The Tea Dragon Society introduces us to Greta, a young blacksmith apprentice, who finds a lost a tea dragon while at the market and returns it to its owner, a kind teashop owner named Hesekiel. Greta befriends Hesekiel and his partner Erik and learns from them the dying art of caring for tea dragons, small, gentle creatures that grow tea leaves from their horns. While visiting them, Greta runs into Minette, a shy, young girl who lives at the teashop who Greta hopes to befriend. It’s a sweet story about the beginning of a friendship. (Goodreads)

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