ZeZee’s Disappointing Reads of 2019

And here’s another roundup post of some of the books I read in 2019. I started this series by first listing my favorites, the ones that were an instant hit when I read them. Then I listed my most memorable books, the ones that have stuck with me in some way throughout the year. Now, I’ll end it with the books that were disappointing. They deserve some notice too.

Although these books were disappointing to me, they may not be so for you. A few times I’ve found gems in such lists, so I hope one or two books here will appeal to you and you’ll take a chance on them. As I compiled this list, I realized that many times my feelings of disappointment stemmed from expectation. I expected a certain thing from the story and when I didn’t receive it, I felt disappointed with the overall book. Most times, this is the case for the disappointment; however there a few times when a story is just horrible. I’ll try to include some positivity in my brief descriptions/reviews below.

These are listed in the order I read them throughout the year. If I posted a review, I will link to it.

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