Top 5 Tuesday #24: I Gotta Read These in 2020

Top 5 Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by Shanah, the Bionic Book Worm.

This week’s topic:

Top 5 books I need to read in 2020

Some of these will look familiar because I mentioned them in my 2020 reading plans posts. But these are the 5 books I need to read this year to satiate my curiosity about them.

Under the Pendulum Sun by Jeannette Ng

I’ve been saying forever that I want to read this book. I was supposed to read it before last year ended, but that, of course, didn’t work out; so I’d like to read it before spring this year.

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

It’s the same with this one: same plan that didn’t work out and same new plan for spring.

Run for It by Marcelo D’Salete (illus.)

I always choose this one to read in readathons and I never complete it. I don’t know why, but I’d like to read the entire thing this year.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

My plan is to read King’s books in publication order, but I’m too curious about this one to wait until I get there.

The Magicians by Lev Grossman

I love the TV show and would like to read the source material to see if I’ll like it too.

That’s it for me.
Let me know if you’ve read any of these.

38 thoughts on “Top 5 Tuesday #24: I Gotta Read These in 2020

        1. Yeah I’m thinking that if I like the show, I’m probably guaranteed to dislike the book haha. I’ve seen enough reviews of the book that I’m not sure I’ll like it…But I might still give it a shot? But Idk maybe I’ll just get rid of it and watch the show lol. I need to finish watching Witcher. I’ve heard that show is a fair bit better than the books too lol


  1. ‘Doctor Sleep’ is a good one! I didn’t like it as much as ‘The Shining’, but it’s still a worthy sequel. And ‘Shining’ is in my Top 3 of King novels so it was always hard to live up to it!

    Soo, The Magicians show is good? Maybe I do have to check it out after all!!


  2. I love The Golden Compass so much! I hope you enjoy it. The Magicians is so interesting — I love the TV series, and I really enjoyed the books, but they’re also really different. And even though I read the books first, I’m so in love with certain TV characters (Eliot!!) that it’s hard to go back to the books and have them feel different. Look forward to hearing what you think!


  3. I read the first two books in Grossman’s trilogy and passed. Too snarkily self-conscious and puffed up for me. I’m planning to approach Pullman again this year, I read the first book in the series ages ago and didn’t like it, so I’d like to find out if this time around it’ll impress me more 😉 Nice list!


    1. Lol on Grossman’s book. There’s a possibility that I might not like it then.
      Same with me on Pullman’s book. I tried it in college but didn’t complete it. Didn’t like it then.

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  4. Doctor Sleep is a book I would like to get to this year too. I loved the Golden Compass when I was a teenager. I never read any other book in the series though so maybe that’s something I should do in 2020 haha


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