Weekend Reads #98: Week 2 — OWLs 2020 Progress Report

Weekend Reads is a weekly post I haven’t done much of in a very long time, but I’m jumping back into it this month to share my reading progress for the OWLs Magical Readathon, which is taking place this entire month.

I’m doing all the OWLs because I can’t decide on a career. However, when NEWTs come around, I might go for Mind Medic (requires 12 books read for NEWTs) or Trader of Magical Tomes (requires 5 books read for NEWTs).

Well, here are the subjects I’ve completed so far for the OWLs.

Ancient Runes

Book read: The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe
I read the Penguin Little Black Classics edition, which contains three of Poe’s short stories all of which were great, but I liked “The Tell-Tale Heart” the most.

Care of Magical Creatures
Defense Against the Dark Arts

Book read: Oddly Normal, bk. 1 by Otis Frampton (illus.)
A fantasy middle-grade graphic novel about a girl who’s a half-witch and has difficulty fitting in at school.

History of Magic

Book read: Wyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett
The second novel in the Witches sub-series or the Discworld series. It’s a humorous fantasy novel about three witches trying to save a kingdom from a tyrant.

Muggle Studies

Book read: Forever in Blue by Ann Brashares
The fourth novel in the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants series, a YA contemporary series about the strong friendship between four girls and a pair of pants they share.


Book read: Nimona by Noelle Stevenson (illus.)
A YA graphic novel that was surprisingly good. I consider it a favorite. I enjoyed it immensely.

What I’m currently reading:

Nothing that pertains to this readathon, lol! The Dragon Reborn by Robert Jordan and Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb (both rereads) are my on-going books, and I returned to reading them toward the end of the week. However, when I get back to reading for this readathon, I’ll mostly likely jump into these:

What are you reading this weekend?

Are you participating in the OWL Magical Readathon? If so, what’s your progress so far?

13 thoughts on “Weekend Reads #98: Week 2 — OWLs 2020 Progress Report

  1. Great progress! I choose a career for my Owls but started reading for the other exams too because I loved the prompts.


  2. Looks like it is going quite well!
    I’m about to start A torch against the night for my Charms OWL!



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