Wyrd & Wonder Is Almost Here | Check Out My TBR

It’s that time of year again when we all band together to embark on fantastic adventures. Once more, Imyril, Lisa, and Jorie are hosting the Wyrd & Wonder reading event where we spend an entire month reading only fantasy stories.


What is Wyrd & Wonder?

Wyrd & Wonder is a month-long celebration of all things fantasy. Those interested can participate in any way they like, but make sure to sign up. There’s no deadline for signing up but if you do so before May 1st and make a post in the first week of May, you’ll be entered into a book giveaway.

For more details about the event, check out these posts on Imyril’s blog:

Wyrd and Wonder: quests and rewards (has prompts, book tags, etc.)
Wyrd and Wonder: adventurers wanted (banners, buttons, etc.)

The hosts will also have a group readalong for the event, reading The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison, which I’m excited for because the book has been on my TBR for a long time despite my high interest in it. For more details about the readalong, check out Lisa’s post and join the Goodreads group. You can also follow the event’s Twitter.

Announcing the Wyrd and Wonder 2020 Readalong!

What are my W&W plans?

I plan to keep it simple this year. Of course, I will…

…read only fantasy books in May.

Books and comics and picture books and whatever other reading material I get my hands on. My TBR is below, but if you’re familiar with any TBR posts I’ve done on this blog, then you probably don’t expect me to stick to it. That would be very smart of you. If you also guess that the majority of books I’ll read are ones not on this list (that I’ll read only one or two books on the list), then you know my reading habits quite well.

…publish mostly fantasy-related posts.

I would prefer that all my posts this month are fantasy-related, but I want to get out some reviews of stuff I read for the OWLs Magical Readathon, so that won’t work. However, I will try to post a bit more often about books and topics related to the fantasy genre.

I think I’ll keep it to just those two goals for now. They are the two most likely things I’ll be able to do in May.

Here’s my TBR:

Wyrd & Wonder isn’t a readathon; it’s just a chill event where you decide what you want to do to express your love or appreciation for the fantasy genre. You also determine how much you read. I doubt I’ll read all these, but I enjoyed putting them together in this list! 😀

It’s highly possible that I’ll only read the first 6 books in this list, lol! But if I do so, I’ll be very proud of myself.

I need to complete The Dragon Reborn to continue my reread of the Wheel of Time series. The Goblin Emperor is for the Wyrd & Wonder readalong and American Gods is for a work book club. I plan to buddy-read another Robin Hobb book — The Inheritance — with Emily at Embuhleeliest and would like to read the ARCs of Drowned Country and Brass Carriages and Glass Hearts.

Well, that’s it for me.

Let me know if you plan to join in the Wyrd & Wonder fun.

IMAGE CREDITS: Flaming phoenix by Sujono Sujono | Decorative phoenix by Tanantachai Sirival – both from 123RF.com


17 thoughts on “Wyrd & Wonder Is Almost Here | Check Out My TBR

  1. That is quite the TBR! I’m so excited for Wyrd & Wonder, it’s my favorite event of the year. I hope you enjoy The Goblin Emperor. I want to do the read-a-long but I just reread that one last year so I’m passing on it for now, but hope you have fun with it!


  2. Have a great reading month!
    I hope you pick up Keeper of lost cities, it is such a fun Middle grade series!



  3. I completelt forgot about Binti! I got the e-books and need to actually read them. And I’m also planning to dive into N.K. Jemisin works, but I think I’ll start with the Broken Earth series.


  4. I’ve never heard about this! How?! What?? Sometimes I feel like I live under a rock. Lol
    Thank you! I’ll definitely check this out and maybe participate, I’m in a huge fantasy mood so this will be perfect.
    Also YYAYAYAYAYA for the Keeper of the Lost Cities 😀 I will be reading book 4 in May, this series is so addicting!

    Liked by 1 person

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