Quarantine Book Tag

I found another book tag that touches on current events: the Quarantine Book Tag!!

I found it over on Madame Writer; it was created by booktuber Our BookNook.

Must-Have: a book you *have* to have with you while quarantined

I actually thought about this when the quarantining started. Despite the many books I own and have not read, I stupidly feared I’d run out of books to read and wondered if things get really desperate, which book must I have with me. Well, I didn’t make a decision, and I really couldn’t decide on one book, so I chose

the entire Realm of the Elderlings series by Robin Hobb!!

I could stick with these and read them over and over through the quarantine if I am stuck with only a few books. But if it came down to only one book, I’d probably go with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Isolation: a book where the MC spends most of their time alone

A Long Day’s Evening by Bilge Karasu

It’s been so long since I’ve read this that I’ve forgotten much of it. The book contains three short stories about characters reflecting on changes to their society. I really only read the first story, “The Island,” which takes place in the 8th-century Byzantine Empire of Leo III and is about a monk who escapes to an island after the emperor decrees that all physical representations of religious figures be destroyed. The monk spends the majority of the story alone as the changes to his society cause him to question his faith, religion, and identity. It was an interesting read but also a bit confusing.

Binge Read: a long book series you’d recommend to someone who has a lot more time on their hands

I’m so pissed I already mentioned the Realm of the Elderlings series. That’s my first answer for this one. Otherwise, I would recommend

Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan

The series is very long, about 13 or 14 books (I forgot). It’s also quite detailed and is inspired by several sources, myths, legends, religious characters, and Lord of the Rings, of course. It’s a good one to tuck into to ride out a quarantine.

Toiler Paper — All the TP is gone! What book are you using?

Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Everyone likes this book, but I didn’t. It’s YA fantasy about a girl who visits a mysterious carnival to rescue her sister. I didn’t like the characters or the plot and felt tricked because everyone kept saying it’s like Erin Morgenstern’s Night Circus, which it is not.

Anti-viral: a book that went viral that you have avoided or not read… yet

Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi

It’s kind of silly that I haven’t yet read this. I was really excited for it but then have become worried that I won’t like it much. Reviews of it have become mixed since the hype has died down. I do plan on reading it anyway though.

Super Binge: What book and TV series combo would you recommend?

Beloved by Toni Morrison

I chose a book to movie combo. I love both the Beloved book and the movie. The adaptation is one of my favorites and the book is well written and told. I love it. It’s about a former slave woman whose house is haunted by the ghost of her baby, who she killed to prevent the baby from being sold into slavery.

That’s it for me.
Consider yourself tagged if you want to do this too.

18 thoughts on “Quarantine Book Tag

  1. I’m with you on Caraval! I was so up and down the entire book, eventually unhauled it from my shelf after months of grimacing every time I saw it, and am definitely never reading the rest of them.


    1. Yes!! Do it! Consider yourself tagged.
      And Beloved is an amazing read. I highly recommend it. Maybe you can borrow an e-copy from your library.


      1. Glad you watched it and liked it. The movie is good but the book is tons better. I love both though. I thought the movie was more creepy than the book, but I think that’s partly because Thandie Newton did such a great job as Beloved.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wheel of Time is 14 books, 15 if you include the prequel 🙂 All in all, it’s over 4 million words.

    I second Eye of the World and Beloved, both are such great books. Beloved is so creepy and atmospheric. It’s just incredibly written.


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