Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 2 | Nonfiction (continues)

This is something I recently started doing based on a poll I did and me just wanting to do a bookshelf tour, lol! I can’t help myself. I love this sort of thing and enjoy checking out tour posts and videos. I think they give us the opportunity to mention books we wouldn’t otherwise talk about or haven’t talked about often, books that we probably read before we started blogging. It also shows how varied a person’s reading taste and/or book collection might be. Sometimes a title might be on the shelf that you’d never have guessed the person to own or have read.

Well, the books in my collection might not be surprising (or maybe they are, I don’t know), but I hope a few will grab your interest.

I’m still working on the last shelf (the one waaaay at the bottom) of this book case, which is stacked 3-books-deep.

It contains the majority of my nonfiction books: mythology, psychology, philosophy, writing, language mechanics, and a little history. Here’s a look at the second row of the last shelf.

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