Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 4 | General Fiction (begins)

So I just realized what a task this is to tour my bookshelves. There are so many books on them, especially this bookcase because it’s stacked 3-books deep. Whenever I clean or reorganize it, I wonder where all these books came from, what am I doing with them all, will I actually read them? Should I start doing the KonMari Method and chuck them out? Doing so would free up a lot of space but would leave me feeling deprived and missing my books.

I don’t think I could ever get rid of them. There was a low moment when I was battling student loans (I’m still battling them) when I wondered if selling all my books could help me pay down my loans. I convinced myself that doing so wouldn’t help, which was a good thing because now I get to do this tour!

So we’re still on this 3-books-deep bookcase

(we’ll be on it for a while) but now we’re touring the second shelf from from the bottom, which means we’re done with nonfiction books for now, sort of.

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