Weekend Reads #105: Black Lives Matter

Weekend Reads is a weekly post in which I discuss a variety of topics and mention the books I plan to read on the weekend.

I don’t have a discussion post this week. This is just a quick chit-chat because I can hardly think straight right now. There’s so much going on at the moment. So many people are upset and in uproar. I’ve been having conversations about the current political and social climate all week that by end of the day on Thursday, my mind was so wrung out that I couldn’t think straight much less contribute well during a virtual work meeting.

Despite the corona pandemic, as a Black person, I’m happy to be alive at this time. Yes, it is a traumatic time. Yes, I’ve been anxious, depressed, confused, and angry just about everyday, but I am happy to be alive at this time to witness the movements and pushes for change to better Black lives and to see the urge for this change and support for it spread around the world, to see other nations stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.

I’m glad for the shake-ups and take-downs that are happening. I think they are needed. I think the symbols of the past that represent the oppression of people should be removed from public areas, where they were placed to show support/pride in such leaders and ideals. I think such symbols should instead be retired to places that house such symbols of the past, like museums, where we can still learn about them but are not forced to praise them. I’m glad that people are taking a long, hard look at certain structures that need to reformed: the police, the governing bodies of institutions, the executive boards of businesses, and other bodies that make or enforce the rules we live and work by.

Change is always hard, and it is stressful to live through a time of change. Despite the negativity and push back against the protests, rallies, and cries to better Black lives, to treat Black people fairly and allow equal opportunities for Black people, I am hopeful that much will be accomplished to better Black lives. I have to be hopeful.


I urge you all to support the Black Lives Matter movement in any way you can. I think every bit helps, whether it’s donating, protesting, volunteering, signing petitions, talking about the need for change, reading books or watching movies and shows by Black creators, buying from Black businesses, educating yourself about Black experiences, sharing the word on social media channels, or any other way you can think of.

Places to donates include:

American Civil Liberties Union

Black Lives Matter

Black Visions Collective

Loveland Project

NAACP Legal Defense Fund

Okra Project

And also local nonprofits that are Black-led and support Black communities. Most of such nonprofits are deeply financially affected by the corona pandemic and also need support to continue their work.

What I’m currently reading:

These are the books I’m currently actively reading.
Tristan Strong Punches a Hole in the Sky by Kwame Mbalia

It’s middle-grade fantasy that is inspired by African American folklore. If my reading times hadn’t been so erratic and distracted, I would have already completed it. I’m really enjoying the story.

Brass Carriages and Glass Hearts by Nancy Campbell Allen

The fourth novel in the Steampunk Proper Romance series, steampunk romance novels that are inspired by fairytales. I really enjoyed listening to the first book in the series and liked the second book. The third one wasn’t as strong and this one is pushing my patience because I dislike the protagonist and the romance is developing too fast to be believable.

The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan

A high fantasy novel. I’m rereading it by audiobook because my plan is to FINALLY complete the series. But once again I’m debating if it’s worth it. There are some nice moments in Jordan’s books, but they could be shorter, and all the characters annoy me except Mat and Moiraine.

Greyborn Rising by Derry Sandy

Fantasy novel set in Trinidad that features creatures from Caribbean folklore. I’m struggling a bit with this one too. It took a long time for me to get interested in the story and when I did, the writing sometimes threw me off.


So my plan was to complete these four books by today because I have about 3 buddy-reads to start next week, but it’s been so hard to focus on reading lately that I’m behind on all the books except Shadow Rising because it’s on audio and I can listen to it wherever. 😦 We’ll see if my reading life survives June.

Well, how are you? What have you been reading lately?


13 thoughts on “Weekend Reads #105: Black Lives Matter

  1. Change is never comfortable, but I really think you discussed it well here. Thank you for the inspiration. I’ve been struggling to catch up with my June TBR. I’m also reading a Robert Jordan, but its The Eye of the World. its a doozy.

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        1. Oh, good luck with it. I liked the first 3 books on my first read. I’m now rereading the first five in hopes of finally finishing the series this time.


        2. Thanks! I needed the encouragement boost. Great story but Jordan has some ticks that annoy me sometimes.
          Btw, if you’re interested in podcasts, the Wheel Weaves podcast has a host who’s reading the books for the first time. So it’s all spoiler free. The other host has already read the books & provides pointers without spoiling anything.

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        3. I’ll have to check it out. Yeah I find it kind of hard to get through chapters sometimes, but the story is good.

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  2. Thank you so much for this post. I also think change is needed and long overdue. I was watching something the other day and there was a thing about the Rodney King trial mentioned and I remember when that happened and it feels so long ago and despite the uproar that happened then it was not enough to change anything. I really hope that real reform is sparked from this, and that the energy is kept up until there are consequences. We really need a power shift not just let it be police reform but also the entire justice system needs an overhaul.

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  3. Black lives matter. It’s embarrassing that it’s taken so long for that to be really heard and valued as a statement by a majority of Americans. I am heartened by the continued protests and dialogue. I am learning. I am listening. I am reading. I had a great talk with my son about George Floyd and the protests, and will continue the dialogue as he gets older. I can certainly understand how it’s hard to concentrate on reading right now.

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    1. It is horrible, that it took this long and a video for this movement to gain more support, but I think every little bit, every step we take to make the world better and safer, matters.

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  4. 2020 is one of the most important year. It’s terrible to see that only after unhuman acts, the world finally realized that something had to be done… But hopefully we will all learn something from this and make some changes for the future.

    I hope you’ll be able to get back into reading soon. For the first 10 days of June, I haven’t read anything because of how occupied my mind was with everything else.

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