Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 7 | Hints at Fantasy (begins)

Finally! We’re on a row that features some fantasy books. But don’t get your hopes up because I don’t think the row behind this one has fantasy books. Or maybe it does… I don’t know. It’s a weird shelf.

So yea, my bookshelf tour continues. So far, I’ve been publishing these posts once a week and will continue to do so until I run out of shelves and books…maybe sometime in the fall/winter months, lol.

I’ve been working through this bookcase, which is stacked 3 books deep.

I started with the shelf at the very bottom, the nonfiction shelf; then I moved to the one above it, which I call my general fiction shelf because it has everything except fantasy novels on it. And now I’m on the third shelf from the bottom. The weird one.

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