Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 10 | Totally Fantasy (begins)

Time for some fun stuff: Fantasy!! 😀 😀

We’re finally here at one of my favorite shelves, the overstuffed fantasy shelf that barely has room for the two books I just ordered. Ah, well. This shelf has only fantasy books, many of which I’ve never read. I thought I’d be able to blaze through a bunch of unread books during this corona quarantine, but somehow that hasn’t happened. I wonder what I’ve been doing.

I believe this shelf might hold more books than the others because many are mass market paperbacks, so they take up less room causing me to stuff more books on these shelves. (I love mass market books for that.) I am beginning to wonder if the amount of books my book database tells me I have (over 1000) will match up to the number I’ll get at the end of this tour (stats below). Of course, that 1000 number includes e-books and audiobooks, but I still wonder because I’m almost done with this 3-books-deep bookcase (I’m being hopeful), and I haven’t even gotten to the 500 mark yet. Maybe I’ll get there at the end of this shelf.

Anyway, here’s the bookcase we’re still touring.

And here’s the first row of the fantasy shelf, which is the fourth shelf from the bottom or the second shelf from the top:

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