Bookshelf Tour, Pt. 11 | Totally Fantasy (continues)

Come, let me tell you about the sun. It likes to play with me.

I prefer to use natural light when taking photos of my bookshelves, not that I have a choice. I don’t have studio lights to use when it’s dark, and the light in my room is horrible for taking photos. So I wait for the sun and when it rises and is bright in the sky, I praise it and then snap a photo of the row of books I plan to feature. But it seems that the sun cottoned on to my plan because it was messing with me the other day.

It had rained heavily the night before, so I was surprised when the sun winked between my blinds to wake me up the following morning. I assumed that it would be a bright, sunny day, so I didn’t immediately jump out my bed, praise the sun, and snap a photo of a row of books. But I guess my delay insulted the sun because when I did get out of bed some minutes later to snap the photo, it decided to sulk behind a bulk of clouds. I decided to set up for the photo anyway by removing a row of books and wait for the sun to get over itself. But an hour passed and still it sulked.

The sky got cloudier and my room darker, so I thought the sun had left me hanging to go brighten somewhere else. Discouraged, I replaced the books on the shelf and decided to read in bed instead. As soon as I settled into a comfortable spot, guess who decided to come back out to play? Yes, the sun. It was messing with me. I jumped out of bed heading for my bookshelves, but the sun quickly ducked behind a cloud again. I thought it was false brightness and decided to give up. But as soon as I picked up my book again to read, the sun glided out from behind the clouds and shined its brightest, beckoning me to come praise it and get on with snapping pictures of my bookshelves.

Still on this 3-books-deep bookshelf:

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