NEWTS Magical Readathon | 2020 TBR

Here we are barreling into August with the coronavirus still hot on our tail. If you’re like me, you’re tired and depressed by the negative news cycle that seems to become more bleak each day. The Magical Readathon is one of the most fun reading events I participate in each year, so I was especially looking forward to doing the NEWTs this August.

However, this will be the end of the Magical Readathon — or, at least, the end of the readathon while it’s heavily influenced by the Harry Potter books. The host, booktuber Book Roast, has decided to discontinue the readathon for now due to negative comments J.K. Rowling made concerning the transgender community. She plans to relaunch the readathon using her own ideas instead of Harry Potter as the inspiration. The NEWTs that will be held this August will be the last of its kind, and there are a few minor changes in how it will run; so check out Book Roast’s video for more details and for the NEWTs prompts.

Here are a few facts about the readathon, if you’re new to it and would like to participate.

  • The Magical Readathon is based on the exams in the Harry Potter books.
  • The first part of the readathon is called the OWLs. It took place April 1-30.
  • The second part of the readathon is called the NEWTs. It will take place August 1-31.
    • However, since this is the last iteration of this event, Book Roast has altered the rules so that you can do the readathon whenever you like and for as long as you like.
  • You get to choose a wizarding career to pursue and this year extra training was introduced, which you can also partake in.

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